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Jake Paul kicks off 2023 with a promise to ‘implement change’ in MMA pay structure

The time for raising awareness about poor MMA pay is over, according to Paul. Now is the time for action!

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s now 2023, and if Jake Paul is to be believed, this is the year that “The Problem Child” will fix the issue of poor mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter pay.

Paul kicked off his 2022 by challenging UFC president Dana White to up the minimum amount of money being paid to new UFC fighters from $12,000 per fight to $50,000 per fight (among other demands). In his first new tweet of 2023, Paul dug up that old message and teased a change coming very soon.

“Happy 2023 to all MMA fighters & fans,” he wrote. “1 yr ago today I started my mission to bring awareness & change to the sport’s pay & benefits. I’ve used my platform to consistently amplify this message. Now it’s time to not just amplify but to implement change. January is going to be [mind-blowing emoji].”

Paul did spend a lot of time in 2022 trying to gin up support for an MMA fighter’s union / association that would be big and powerful enough to kickoff a UFC fighter strike.

“We’re going to raise $50 million, and the fighters who are fighting check [to] check — we will fund them so they don’t have to be obedient to the UFC,” Paul said on an episode of his brother Logan’s YouTube show, Impaulsive. “We will fund their salaries or their career earnings.

“My ultimate goal is to create a fighter’s union,” Paul expanded on The Shop podcast. “It needs to be done. And it seems impossible and maybe it will be. People say ‘Jake, how you going to create a fighter union? They’ll just shelf all the fighters in the fighter’s union.’ No, everyone comes together and we’re not fighting. We’re not fighting. That’s how they do it. There’s writer’s guilds, director’s guilds.

“I’ll call upon the 10 highest-paid boxers and the 10 highest-paid people from UFC,” he continued. “Why can’t you donate $200,000 to the union to help pay these fighters for these six months? Are you that selfish? Floyd Mayweather, Canelo, who make $50 million for a fight. Canelo, you can’t donate $200,000 to this union?

“I’ll donate $500,000, I’ll donate $1 million,” Paul concluded. “I could raise more than that. The money that we put into the union can help pay the fighters who aren’t getting paid as much in the interim.”

During his recent October boxing bout against Anderson Silva, Paul made a bet with “The Spider” — if Jake beat the Middleweight MMA G.O.A.T. in boxing, Silva would have to help him with the fighter’s union.

Paul won their fight via unanimous decision with 77–74, 78–73, 78–73 scores.

Will anything come of Paul’s plans to try and force UFC to treat its fighters better financially? Battles like this typically don’t move very fast, but Paul implied in his Jan. 1, 2023, tweet that he’d blow our minds this month with some big news coming soon.

Well, let’s see it.

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