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KSI vs Swarmz PPV buys: Conflicting reports put boxing bonanza as high as 445k, Jake Paul responds

Boxing in London - KSI v Wassabi Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images

How many pay-per-view (PPV) buys did KSI vs. Swarmz sell?

That depends on who you ask. Longtime combat sports reporter Gareth Davies said his “sources” put the boxing bonanza at 445,000 buys, which would not only top the last offering from Internet rival Jake Paul, but also meet (and perhaps beat) the best UFC PPV of 2022.

Or did it?

A conflicting report from claims KSI vs. Swarmz pulled around half that number, clocking in at 230,000 buys. Still nothing to sneeze at — and also tops the Paul vs. Woodley rematch from late 2021, which ended in a sixth-round knockout for Paul.

Today’s numbers led to a Twitter spat between Paul and KSI.

“Bullshit aside, the PPV business ain’t easy,” Paul wrote. “Congrats to KSI and his boxing company. Those are great numbers. The day we finally settle this, it will break the Internet and do some big PPV numbers on Showtime. I’m ready as soon as he feels he is.”

“Yeah this is cap,” KSI responded. “I can literally see your numbers and ours. We beat your last fight by a HUGE amount PPV-wise. Even with your team trying hard to sabotage the event and me having to fight two randoms last minute. We are not the same.”

“If you actually think we tried to ‘sabotage’ your event, then you are dumber than you look,” Paul continued. “I’m glad you admit they were randoms with no boxing skills though. Honesty comes out in turmoil. Again congrats. Now shut up and keep trying to get ready. HUGE hahahaha.”

KSI returned to the boxing ring last August to defeat rapper “Swarmz” and Mexican pugilist Luis Alcaraz Pineda in a special “two fights in one night” attraction in London. As for Paul, he’ll make his “sweet science” return against former UFC champion Anderson Silva in October.

A potential KSI vs. Paul fight is rumored for early 2023.

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