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Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz live stream results, full fight play-by-play updates

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Andy Ruiz v Chris Arreola Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Welcome to the biggest boxing card of the weekend, Maniacs! It’s time for Heavyweight punching action as California native, Andy Ruiz Jr., takes on Cuban ex-pat, Luis Ortiz, tonight (Sun., Sept. 4, 2022) from inside Arena in Los Angeles, California.

There’s also a sneaky great co-main event, as Isaac Cruz faces off with Eduardo Ramirez in a WBC Lightweight title eliminator. Tune in tonight (and early into Monday for most time zones) at 9 p.m. ET for the start of the card, or approximately midnight ET for the start of the main event. The card will stream live on on, as well as FOX Sports pay-per-view (PPV) app. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the event below, starting with the undercard fights at 9 p.m. ET, followed by the main card broadcast at 12 a.m. ET (watch it on right here).

Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz Quick Results:

200+ lbs.: Andy Ruiz def. Luis Ortiz — Unanimous decision 114-111, 113-112
135 lbs.: Isaac Cruz def. Eduardo Ramirez — KO 2:27, Rd. 2
130 lbs.: Abner Mares draws Miguel Flores — 96-94, 95-95 x2
135 lbs.: Edwin De Los Santos def. Jose Valenzuela — TKO 1:09, Rd. 2

Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz Play-By-Play Updates:

200+ lbs.: Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz

Round 1: Ruiz in the blue and yellow for the hometown LA Rams, Ortiz in the white with pink and blue butterflies on them. Yes, butterflies. Slow start from both men, which is to be somewhat expected. Ruiz with a left hand. Big right-left from Ortiz near the end of the round and it stumbles Ruiz back.

10-9 Ortiz

Round 2: Ortiz getting his jab working now. OH QUICK 1-2 FROM RUIZ and that hook smashed Ortiz with a knockdown. They start again and Ortiz goes down again! Ortiz firing back now. He’s not out of it. Right hand from Ruiz. Another, but Ortiz lands a nice left.

10-7 Ruiz

Round 3: Ortiz connects with a couple jabs. Body jab from Ruiz lands clean. Nice hook to the body, too. Clash of heads here, and the ref notates it for the judges. Hard round to score as not much landed clean for either man.

10-9 Ruiz

Round 4: Ortiz not throwing much, but is still landing that jab. Ruiz not throwing much of anything, either. I’m hard pressed to find a clean shot from either man here.

10-9 Ortiz

Round 5: There’s a right to the ribcage from Ruiz. Ortiz answering to the body. Ortiz lands a pair of rights in between getting hit by one from Ruiz.

10-9 Ortiz

Round 6: Ortiz backs Ruiz up into the corner. Ruiz gets in a solid right. One to the gut. Ortiz throws an overhand, but it hits glove. Clipping right just glances for Ruiz. Ortiz hits a left.

10-9 Ruiz

Round 7: Ortiz with a left in an exchange from both men. Ruiz with a pair of rights. Solid right cracks in and sends Ortiz back a couple steps. Ruiz pushes forward and starts flurrying and gets a knockdown with a right! Ortiz looks like he’s on steady enough legs.

10-8 Ruiz

Round 8: Ortiz keeps on jabbing. They exchange in the pocket and both men appear to land a couple. Ortiz with a combo and gets a bit of traffic going his direction. More jabs from the Cuban. Body shot right by Ruiz, eats a cross for his troubles. 1-1-2 by Ortiz and that 2 hits the forehead.

10-9 Ortiz

Round 9: Quick start here as they flurry in the opening seconds and Ruiz lands a solid right. They move forward and Ruiz slips to the canvas, ruled not a knockdown. Oddly enough, I think Ortiz slipped a bit on that same spot of the canvas earlier in the fight. Yelling exchange from both men. Both land, it looked like. Ruiz with a nice duck-under and pivot to get off the ropes. Ortiz connects with his left.

10-9 Ruiz in a very close round.

Round 10: 1-2 by Ortiz. A pistoning, power-jab lands, too. Ruiz with a counter-left. Jabs from Ortiz. Ruiz tries a right hand, but it looks to hit the chest more than the jaw.

10-9 Ortiz

Round 11: Sneaky right hand by Ruiz. Good jab, too. Cracking right hand from Ruiz. Ruiz smells blood in the water and he’s flurrying now. Left connects. Now a right. Ortiz has a cut near his brow and I think he’s bleeding from his lip, too.

10-9 Ruiz

Round 12: Ortiz looks like he knows he needs a knockout to win and he’s trying. They’re both flurrying. Rights from both men land clean. Shovel hook from Ortiz. Two lefts for Ortiz. Ruiz counters. More lefts from Ortiz in this round than in any other three combined. There’s two more.

10-9 Ortiz

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