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Dana White invites Tucker Carlson to host his weekly social post and gets creamed

UFC President Dana White hosts a weekly social media video called “Fuck It Friday” which means people who are trying to eat healthy or stay within a certain number of calories are encouraged to say “Fuck It” and just consume whatever garbage he’s peddling on Instagram because it’s Friday and that makes it okay.

I guess White was too busy doing ... whatever it is he does behind the scenes so he enlisted outspoken political commentator and Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson to carry on the tradition in his stead. And if you think Carlson makes your stomach turn, just wait until you see what he’s stuffing into his conservative maw.

The dreaded “Elvis Burger,” which features a beef patty with fried bananas and creamy peanut butter. Maybe this makes me one of those “kvetching soy boys” referenced in the comments section of White’s substitute burger post, but I don’t think you should be following recipes from someone who died on the toilet at age 42.

White’s followers were unimpressed.

Why do you have this fucking hate mongering tool on here?

Please don’t bring politics into the UFC.

You just lost all my respect Dana.

How the fuck did that sheep talker get that gig?

Platforming white supremacists.

I guess all the outraged fans on social media forgot that White was a staunch supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump or maybe fight fans just don’t want to have sports mixed with politics, a combination that is almost as unappealing as .... I dunno, maybe like peanut butter and ground beef or something along those lines.

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