2022 UFC Main Event bets between Joben and Pakebrah

For the remainder of 2022, these two Maniacs have an ongoing bet on the main event of every UFC card. Loser picks next event. $30 (USD) per event.

So far (person who picked listed first):

Joben: Hill (win) Pakebrah: Santos (Joben 1-0)

Pakebrah: Vera (win) Joben: Cruz (1-1)

Joben: Usman Pakebrah: Edwards (win) (Pakebrah 2-1)

Joben: Gane (win) Pakebrah: Tuivasa (2-2)

Pakebrah: Chimaev Joben: Diaz (win, due to Khamzhat Churros being a fat prick) (Joben 3-2)

*New 279 Main Event....

Pakebrah: TFerg Joben: Diaz (win) (Joben 3-2)

***Due to Joben's graciousness, Pakebrah only takes one L this week, not two.

Pakebrah: Sandhagen Joben: Song Yadong

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