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Dana White feels 35 again after being marked for death in a decade

The UFC president opens up on some serious sounding health issues that were on track to kill him by 2033.

MMA: AUG 16 UFC - Dana White’s Contender Series Photo by Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Dana White has shown no interest in leaving UFC since teaming up with new owner Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel in 2016. And now thanks to a “mortality expert,” White won’t be leaving this mortal coil for many years to come, either.

In a recent episode of the Action Junkeez podcast, White revealed he’d been seen by “human biologist & mortality expert,” Gary Brecka, who can reportedly look at blood and DNA markers and tell you when you’re going to die.

“And he’s right within a month,” White declared (transcript via Bloody Elbow). “How crazy is that? So I was f—ing obsessed, I had to know.

“We’re down there for my son’s 21st birthday party in Miami,” he continued. “I connect with this guy and they come in and do my blood work and they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA.... So, he ends up coming out, he sits down for 3.5 hours and goes through my blood work. And I’m all f—ed up.”

“My triglycerides are like 764,” White revealed. “They should be down between 80 and 150. And everything else that could possibly be bad is bad. He gave me 10.4 years to live. This was 16 weeks ago. And he says, ‘If you don’t change these things that you’re gonna do, this is your life expectancy right now.’”

“First of all, the thing that freaked me out the most was: he did my blood work, I didn’t tell this guy jack s— about me, my medical history, what was going on with me personally. He told me everything that was wrong with me. Shit that I didn’t even tell my wife. Told me what was wrong with me, told me everything that was wrong with me, from my blood work.”

“So he says, ‘If you do what I tell you to do for the next 10 weeks, I promise you I’ll change your whole life,’” White continued. “So I’m one of these people that, if I set my mind to do something, I absolutely do it. So I did everything he said, to the letter. I lost 30 pounds. My legs were so f—ed up 13 weeks ago, I couldn’t tie my shoes. Couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes, because my legs were f—ed up. I could barely walk some days.”

White also revealed he had such bad snoring and sleep apnea that he was vomiting every night and damaging his esophagus. After following Gary Brecka’s health advice?

“No more sleep apnea, I don’t snore anymore,” White said. “Everything is gone in 10 f—ing weeks. I’ve been working with doctors for 10 years that couldn’t do it.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Brecka is a big proponent of sleep, sunlight, and hormone therapy amongst other things. You can get a basic health gene test done for $599, or for the ultra-rich there’s a $131,000 “Superhuman Protocol Complete Package” that includes an Oxygen generator, a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy mat, and a theralight infrared light therapy bed.

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