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Phone booth fighting: Watch Russian MMA fighter get disconnected in fiery new gimmick

Hopefully this will be succeeded by Sky Diving MMA, where two fighters battle for one parachute while free-falling at 120 mph above the icy peak of Mus-Khaya Mountain.

I guess the lunatics at Punch Club, who also brought us those “Car Jitsu” videos, had to abandon their cargo container gimmick — to be expected when fighters plummet into a murky swamp and get devoured by man-eating alligators.

Probably not the best way to maintain an active roster.

Their latest endeavor features “Phone Booth Fighting,” which has lots of fire and screaming fans but no actual phones. That’s unfortunate, because there’s a legitimate defensive move in jiu-jitsu called answering the phone ... I mean c’mon it was meant to be!

The premise is pretty self explanatory: Two fighters get locked in a mock phone booth and unleash hell until someone drops. Clearly this gimmick was not designed with heavyweights in mind because you’re not getting a moose like Chris Barnett in that narrow box.

Watch the full video below:

They should cram a referee in there and really make things interesting.

I don’t know where Punch Box goes from here ... maybe they can co-promote with Russian Cagefighting Championship (RCC) and have Skyscraper Phone Booth Fighting?

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