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Hasbulla swings on UFC champ, smashes his face with messy burger (Video)

Alexander Volkanovski hosts his own cooking show titled “Cooking with Volks” and typically invites fellow fighters and local celebrities to join him for a meal. This week’s offering features pint-sized social media sensation Hasbulla, who recently joined the Aussie on the UFC roster.

I’m not sure why every Hasbulla video starts with a fighter getting punched in the face, which may explain these comments from former bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, but “The Great” didn’t seem to mind getting slugged and had a good laugh when his guest smashed a burger in his face.

Seems like a waste of a good burger.

The amateur chef in me had a mild panic attack every time Hasbulla picked up a giant knife to chop up ingredients because his technique was ... let’s just say Ben Askren was more precise with his striking than Hasbulla was with his dicing and it’s a bit surprising one of those tiny little digits didn’t end up as a burger topping.

In other stupid news, this burger is actually taller than Hasbulla.

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