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Video: Nate Diaz leaks new footage showing UFC 279’s backstage altercation

Nate Diaz has released new footage showing water bottles thrown at UFC 279’s infamous pre-fight press conference melee. The video snippet is part of Diaz’s vlog series leading up to his main event showcase at UFC 279 in Las Vegas.

In case you were trapped under a rock for the past week, UFC 279’s pre-fight press conference was canceled earlier this month due to a backstage altercation involving Khamzat Chimaev, Kevin Holland, and Diaz. The altercation originated with Holland and Chimaev nearly coming to blows, but Diaz and team members were involved once they showed up backstage. Obscenities were exchanged, water bottles were thrown, and UFC president Dana White was forced to pull the plug on the presser before any bad blood trickled onto the stage.

Check out the original video footage HERE.

Diaz, who was expected to fight Chimaev in the main event only to have his matchup changed when “Borz” missed weight, released new footage this week showing the press conference incident from a completely new angle. You can check out the pre-fight vlog — which also features an inside look at the moment Diaz learned of Khamzat’s weight miss and his eventual re-booking alongside Tony Ferguson — in the above video player.

While UFC failed to fine any fighters involved in UFC 279’s pre-fight press conference melee the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is looking into the altercation for potential disciplinary action. The commission now has additional footage to review to see if Diaz or any members of his team were at fault.

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