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Canelo vs. GGG 3 results, live stream fight coverage

*** HIGHLIGHTS! Watch Canelo Vs. GGG 3 Full Fight Video ***

Canelo Alvarez v Gennadiy Golovkin - Press Conference Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

One of modern boxing’s most iconic rivalries comes to an end tonight (Sat., Sept. 17, 2022) when undisputed Super Middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and unified Middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin grace Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena for the third (and likely final) time. will deliver LIVE coverage of tonight’s main event right below, as well as quick results from the rest of the main card. The DAZN pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast will kickoff at 8 p.m. ET, with Alvarez and Golovkin likely to make the walk closer to 11 p.m. ET.

Alvarez presently sits at 1-0-1 in the trilogy, taking home a razor-thin majority decision in their second meeting and escaping with a bogus split draw a year prior. He’s since thoroughly conquered the 168-pound division, though an attempt to topple 175-pound champion Dmitry Bivol last May proved overly ambitious.

Golovkin, meanwhile, continued to rack up title defenses at 160 pounds, then added the WBA “super” title to his collection with a knockout of Olympic gold medalist Ryota Murata in April.

The co-feature sees boxing’s youngest active champion, WBC super flyweight king Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, take on former title challenger Israel “Jiga” Gonzalez. Prior to that, Super Middleweight finisher Ali Akhmedov looks to continue his resurgence at Gabriel Rosado’s expense and fast-rising Middleweight Austin “Ammo” Williams squares off with once-beaten Kieron Conway.

Canelo Vs. Golovkin 3 Quick Results:

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennadiy Golovkin — Alvarez def. Golovkin by unanimous decision (116-112, 115-113 x2)
Jesse Rodriguez vs. Israel Gonzalez — Rodriguez def. Gonzalez by unanimous decision (114-113, 117-110, 118-109)
Ali Akhmedov vs. Gabriel Rosado — Akhmedov def. Rosado by unanimous decision (100-90 x3)
Austin Williams vs. Kieron Conway — Williams def. Conway by unanimous decision (96-93, 97-92 x2)

Canelo Vs. Golovkin 3 Round-By-Round Updates:

Undisputed Super Middleweight Championship: Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

Round one: Trading jabs to start. Canelo falls short with a body shot, lands a left hook upstairs. 1-2-3. Lead hook met by jabs from Golovkin. Canelo lands his own jab. 1-2 downstairs halfway through. Back to the jab battle. Golovkin’s is landing well. More Golovkin jabs. Both land short hooks. 10-9 Golovkin.

Round two: Good left hook from Canelo. More Golovkin jabs. Canelo 1-2 falls short, jab does not. More jabs. Halfway through. Golovkin sneaks a right downstairs. Canelo’s jab working well this round. Two-piece downstairs, combination behind it. Overhand right just misses. Jab exchange. 10-9 Alvarez, 19-19.

Round three: Canelo on the front foot. Golovkin yet to unleash much besides that busy jab. Left hook exchange. Clinch. Canelo looks for a two-piece downstairs. Halfway through. Canelo catches him retreating with a left hook. Golovkin tries a lead right. Canelo starting to take over the jab battle. 10-9, 29-28 Alvarez.

Round four: Golovkin’s jabbing with him but not letting any power shots go. Combination to the body from Canelo. Another right to the midsection. Three-piece blocked. Halfway through. Hard left hook by Canelo. Golovkin can’t find his chin with a combo. 1-2-1-2 met by a combo from Canelo. 10-9, 39-37 Alvarez.

Round five: Golovkin looks, well, like a 40-year-old in there. Canelo backs him up with combos, opens up to the body before getting clinched. Another two-piece downstairs. Three-piece. Golovkin tries an uppercut, eats a left hook for his trouble. More body work from Canelo. Golovkin can’t let his hands go; even the jab’s petered out. Halfway through. Left hook from Canelo after a lull, then a high-low 1-2. Big overhand right lands clean. 10-9, 49-46 Alvarez.

Round six: God, this hurts to watch. Golovkin’s a step behind and unwilling to commit to the sort of power shots he needs to turn this fight around. Now he seems to be picking it up a bit. Nice body shot from Canelo halfway through the round. Jab exchange. High-low 1-2 from Canelo. Clean jab behind it. Body shot as they trade left hooks. Golovkin uppercut splits the guard. Canelo answers to the body. Double jab. 10-9, 59-55 Alvarez.

Round seven: Combination work from Canelo. Clinch. Continuing to walk Golovkin down, only jabs coming back at him. Right hand to the body. More Golovkin jabs. Halfway through. 1-1-2 by Canelo. Left hook around the guard. Golovkin slips a bit throwing a left hook. Uppercut lands for him. Trading jabs. Canelo to the body. 10-9, 69-64 Alvarez.

Round eight: Left hooks from Canelo. Body shots. Nice uppercut. Golovkin hasn’t been hurt but this doesn’t need to continue. Canelo continues to dig rights to the body halfway through. Left hook too. 1-1-2 downstairs, right cross, 1-3. 2-1. Golovkin tries to open up against the ropes, eats an overhand right and left hook. Another body shot by Canelo. 10-9, 79-73 Alvarez.

Round nine: Golovkin looking a bit more aggressive to start, throwing and landing left hooks. Canelo digs to the body in return. Uppercut and overhand right. Golovkin warned for hitting the back of the head. Combinations from Canelo in center ring halfway throguh. Now Golovkin trying to attack. Canelo backs him off with a left hook. Combo from Golovkin against the ropes. Putting together combinations in his best form of the fight. Canelo blasts him with a three-piece. Left hook exchange. 10-9 Golovkin, 88-83 Alvarez.

Round ten: Starting to get some proper back-and-forth exchanges. Nice left hook by Golovkin. Canelo uppercut into the clinch. Trading jabs. Uppercut from Canelo. Good left hook to the body. Volley of jabs from Golovkin halfway through. Good uppercut through the guard met by Canelo jabs. Clinch. Again. Both fire left hooks. Nice uppercut from Canelo. Good combination from Golovkin. Trading in center ring. Canelo with a 1-1-2 downstairs. Two-piece upstairs. 10-9 Golovkin, 97-93 Alvarez.

Round eleven: Trading in the center once again. Clinch. Both fire uppercuts inside. Clinch. Uppercut to cross by Canelo. 1-3. Clinch. Jabs landing for Golovkin halfway through. Left hook catches Canelo throwing. 1-3-1 by Golovkin. Clinch. Close-range exchanges. Golovkin combo, clinch. Left hook from Canelo, then a right to the body. 10-9 Golovkin. 106-103 Alvarez.

Round twelve: Early combination work from Canelo. Clinch. Uppercut lands for Golovkin before the next clinch. Stiff jab. Mugging inside. Canelo to the body, clinch. They trade right hands at point blank. Canelo double hook. Body shot. clinch halfway through. Chopping right from Golovkin inside. Clinch. 2-3 by Golovkin, good combo behind it. Clinch. Good 1-2, clinch. Canelo jab, clinch. Clinch. Golovkin uppercut, Canelo body shot. Trading to end the fight. 10-9 Golovkin, 115-113 Alvarez.

Final result: Alvarez def. Golovkin via unanimous decision — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

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