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Idiot UFC fan heckles Khamzat for missing weight, gets phone slapped to the ground (Video)

Look at me! I’m Insta-famous!

Undefeated UFC welterweight sensation Khamzat Chimaev missed weight for his UFC 279 main event against Nate Diaz, then doubled down on his villainy by flipping off the disapproving crowd at last Friday’s UFC 279 ceremonial weigh ins.

Blame the lack of muslims.

Unfortunately for “Borz,” one UFC fan looking for his “gotcha” moment in what was likely (another) pathetic attempt to become Instagram famous tracked down Chimaev and turned the camera on while shouting “YOU DIDN’T MAKE WEIGHT!”

One of Chimaev’s handlers slapped the phone to the ground.

Ticket holders pay for the right to cheer (or jeer) their favorite (or least favorite) athletes. Fans who are invited to attend media events like press conferences and open workouts also earn that right because it’s part of the game and most athletes understand that.

But feedback should be kept within the confines of that time and space.

Heckling fighters on airplanes or bumrushing them on the streets just ends in disaster ... usually for both parties. In this case, Chimaev kept his cool and let one of his cronies take care of business for him, which resulted in a flying phone.

Here’s the original two-part Instagram post:

Tagging TMZ tells you everything you need to know about this stunt.

For much more on Chimaev’s UFC 279 weight woes click here. For highlights of Chimaev’s victory over late switch Kevin Holland last weekend in Las Vegas click here.

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