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UFC ‘Contender Series’ results: Live stream play-by-play updates - Season 6, Ep. 8

Dana White’s Contender Series Season 6 Week 7 Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

The Octagon heads from T-Mobile Arena back to the APEX tonight (Tues., Sept. 13, 2022) for the latest episode of Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

After three straight episodes in which all three winners secured contracts, a mere four got their tickets to the big show last week. Dominant decisions from Ismael Bonfim and Karl Williams impressed the brass, as did Gabriel Bonfim’s first-round Von Flue finish and Vitor Petrino’s vicious knockout of Rodolfo Bellato in their main event rematch.

Farid Basharat (8-0), brother of series graduate Javid, gets the spotlight this week against fellow Bantamweight Allan Begosso (7-1-1). 50 pounds north, Brave CF and Eagle FC standout Ikram Aliskerov (12-1) squares off with Mario Sousa (14-2), who returns to the program just over a year after falling to Chidi Njokuani. The card’s middle bout sees Malik Lewis (5-0) and Trevor Peek (6-0) square off in a clash of unbeaten Lightweights with 100% finishing rates, which follows a Flyweight tussle between LFA vets Bruna Brasil (7-2-1) and Marnic Mann (5-0) and a Lightweight opener that sees Brandon Lewis (6-1) return to the program to Peru’s Daniel Marcos (12-0).

‘Contender Series’ Quick Results:

Farid Basharat vs. Allan Begosso — Basharat def. Begosso by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)
Ikram Aliskerov vs. Mario Sousa — Aliskerov def. Sousa by submission (kimura) at 2:09 of Round One
Malik Lewis vs. Trevor Peek — Peek def. Lewis by TKO (punches) at 2:37 of Round Two
Bruna Brasil vs. Marnic Mann — Brasil def. Mann by KO (head kick) at 4:33 of Round Two
Daniel Marcos vs. Brandon Lewis — Marcos def. Lewis by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

‘Contender Series’ Play-By-Play Results:

135 lbs.: Farid Basharat vs. Allan Begosso

Round one: Basharat fires a quick snap kick downstairs. Low kick connects. Begosso falls short with a combo a minute in, then blocks a flying knee. More kicks coming out from Basharat. Begosso yet to figure out the range, falling short with his offerings. Low kick exchange tow minutes in. Basharat avoids another left hook, then pops him with a double jab after backing away from a combination. There’s a left hook from Begosso, who grabs onto a guillotine as Basharat spins him to the mat. Can’t finish from half guard with two minutes to go.

Basharat pops his head free, then answers a heel hook attempt with elbows. Another leglock attempt met by punches and an elbow. One minute to go. Basharat drops punches, avoids a triangle, and passes to half guard. Back to guard, dropping elbows. Axe kick before the bell. 10-9 Basharat.

Round two: Strong low kick from Basharat to start. Begosso digs in a body shot, blocks a flying knee, eats a combination. Triple jab to answer a rush, then a body shot and low kick. Begosso whiffs on a body shot a minute in. Basharat answers another rush with a jab. Potshotting on the fence, then a quick single-leg. Side control for Basharat. Short elbow, then some punches a minute in. Hard left hand from half guard. More punches. Two minutes to go.

Knee to the body as well from Basharat. More heavy ground-and-pound. Looking for the back with a minute to go. Begosso actually managed to cut Basharat at some point, but Basharat’s pounding away undeterred. 10-8 Basharat.

Round three: Basharat answers a left hook with a head kick. Stiff jabs. One minute in. Basharat continuing to jab with impunity. Great body work met by a big flurry from Begosso. Begosso left hook met by a low kick. More body work by Basharat against the fence, then an easy single-leg into half guard. Two minutes in. More short shots, knee to the body. Continuing to chip away. Two minutes to go.

Begosso tries a leglock, not even close. Basharat continuing to punish him. One minute to go. Slick move to mount, heavy shot before getting caught back in half guard. Another brief mount, then postured-up bombs until the bell. 10-8 Basharat.

Final result: Basharat def. Begosso by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Ikram Aliskerov vs. Mario Sousa

Round one: Both feinting kicks. Low-high two-piece from Aliskerov. Well-timed reactive shot, Sousa denies it and lands a right on the exit. Low kicks from Sousa a minute in. Aliskerov tries another shot, settles for a knee. Front kicks and low kicks by Sousa. Aliskerov shoots against the fence and dumps Sousa down into side control. Two minutes in. He’s got a kimura locked up within seconds and Sousa taps immediately after, though apparently not fast enough to save him from a separated shoulder.

Final result: Aliskerov def. Sousa by submission (kimura)

155 lbs.: Malik Lewis vs. Trevor Peek

Round one: Low kick from Peeks. Lewis tossing out some kicks of his own, eats a glancing front kick. Peeks enters the pocket swinging and Lewis ties up, looking to jump directly to the back. Solid knees. One minute in. Lewis pulls him down, can’t keep him there. Double-leg attempt, still can’t get him down. Another takedown that he can’t establish. Solid knee before they separate. Body kick from Peek before he’s ties up again. Knees from Lewis inside, then a right hand on the break that drops Peek. He follows with a huge knee, then blasts Peek with Travis Browne-style elbows as he defends a shot. Body knee, more elbows. Peek looking to answer back but just getting bludgeoned inside. Leis finally manages a takedown into mount with two minutes to go.

Peek nearly turns into guard and gets to his feet, only for Lewis to jump on his back again. Peek scrambles free and stands. Trading heavy shots against the fence with a minute to go. Big whiffs from Lewis. Hard knee connects. Spinning back kick and flying knee attempt, then some haymakers. Peek swings some bombs, hurting Lewis with a left hook on the break. Fun round. 10-8 Lewis.

Round two: Peek comes out swinging for the fences. Spinning back kick attempt. Low kick. He definitely looks the fresher of the two. Huge wound-up right falls short. Lewis tries a slow-motion spinning back fist and gets taken down. Half guard for Peek, dropping elbows. Clubbing shots from the front headlock. Lewis makes it to his feet, forced back down by a knee. Peek continuing to pound against the fence two minutes in. Full mount, and he keeps pounding until the ref steps in.

Final result: Peek def. Lewis by TKO (punches)

125 lbs.: Bruna Brasil vs. Marnic Mann

Round one: Brasil advancing, stings Mann with a snap kick to the body. Mann knocks her off-balance with a low kick. Another front kick by Brasil. Mann blocks a head kick and charges, only to end up on her back. Nice scramble and they’re back on their feet. Nice snap kick by Brasil. Another. Mann low kick. Mann swings her way inside and put her on the fence two minutes in. Mann tries to throw her down, nearly gives up her back. Brasil reverses on the fence and lands knees downstairs. Mann reverses with two minutes to go.

Mann driving, completes an outside reap after absorbing a knee. Brasil pops up. Back down, back up. Great hip toss by Brasil puts her on top in side control with a minute to go. Mann regains guard, eating a right hand as she does. Half guard now for Brasil. 10-9 Brasil.

Round two: Low kick lands for Mann, who eats a heavier one in return before tying up and chasing a throw again. Brasil tries a knee on the break. Hard lead right a minute in, then another front kick downstairs. Mann runs in with a left hook. Brasil tries a spinning back kick. Mann runs in for another takedown attempt. Brasil reverses and slams home knees to the body two minutes in. There’s one from Mann as she stays dogged. Outside trip puts her on top. Brasil tries to elevate, can’t do so with two minutes to go.

Nice sweep via butterfly hook and Brasil is back on top. Staying heavy. She lets Mann up with a minute to go. Another snap kick to the body. Lead right. then a vicious right head kick that knocks Mann unconscious on impact. Now there’s a statement.

Final result: Brasil def. Mann by KO (head kick)

135 lbs.: Daniel Marcos vs. Brandon Lewis

Round one: Lewis tries a 1-1-2, lands a low kick. Marcos tries a flying knee that ends up launching his shin into Lewis’ cup. Quick exchange. No clean connections a minute in. As I type that, Marcos short-circuits him with a front kick to the face. Somehow, Lewis survives and tries to grapple. Marcos defends and separates. Counter combo by Marcos, good low kick. Two minutes in. Marcos controlling the range well, puts together another nice combination. Flying knee to flurry, but Lewis hits a reactive double-leg. Marcos stands and separates. Lewis check hook. Two minutes to go.

Marcos tries a 1-2-3. Stiff jab by Lewis after avoiding a combo. Low kick exchange, Marcos’ is harder. One minute to go. Another hard leg kick and a sharp 1-2 by Marcos, Lewis is struggling to put weight on his lead leg. 10-9 Marcos.

Round two: Another low kick from Marcos to start. Lewis still having issues with the range, absorbs a hard cross. There’s a good left hook from him inside, which earns him another leg kick. Another front kick lands for Marcos a minute in. Continuing to circle. Lewis digs a cross to the body, avoids a flurry, eats a leg kick, and shoots. Body lock against the fence. Two minutes in. Marcos turns to face him and lands a knee on the break. Trading in center cage. Left hook catches Lewis exiting the pocket. Two minutes to go.

Both look for combinations, no dice on an overhand right from Lewis. Another low kick by Marcos. Lewis chasing, falls short with a wheel kick and flying front kick. Marcos responds with a leg kick that makes Lewis switch stance and shoot. Denied with a minute to go. Lewis is not walking properly and another shot to the calf has him trying to wrestle. Yet another front kick connects for Marcos. 10-9 Marcos.

Round three: Another low kick drops Lewis again. He’s doing his best but he is completely compromised. Marcos staying patient. Counter combo, front kick. Lewis going for it, lands an overhand right. Another calf kick. Lewis shoots a minute in. Denied, right hand on the exit. Good 1-2. He’s still pursuing, looks for another level change. Two minutes to go. Calf kick and snap kick from Marcos. Another low kick as Lewis awkwardly marches after him. Left uppercut catches Lewis spinning, another low kick drops him again. Lewis shoots once again, eats elbows, avoids a power guillotine with two minutes to go.

Marcos looks to follow him down, then lets him up. Lewis catches a front kick and grabs a rear waist lock, pulling him down to look for the back. Marcos spins into top position and looks for an uppercut on the way up. One minute to go. Hard counter right by Marcos, who looks like he’s fading. Another counter right. Lewis slugs his way inside, lands a knee. Marcos catches a head kick, doesn’t follow him down. Lewis still Terminator walking after him. Nice spinning back fist, absorbs a 2-3-2. Throwing bombs in the final seconds and there’s a flying knee from Marcos to cap things off. 10-9 Marcos.

Final result: Marcos def. Lewis by unanimous decision

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