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Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva staredown video from kickoff boxing press conference

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva came face-to-face at the conclusion of their pre-fight press conference on Monday in Los Angeles, the first stop on their two-day kickoff media campaign. The second goes down tomorrow (Tues., Sept. 13) in Phoenix and will likely feature many of the same questions (and answers).

Watch Silva and Paul face off in the embedded video player above.

I signed up for the hardest sport in the world and I love it, that’s what I’m built for,” Paul said. “I love a challenge. I grew up idolizing [Silva] and for me this is surreal that I’m sitting up here. I was on the couch watching this guy as a kid and here we are. I love the challenge and this is my toughest fight yet. I’m prepared.”

We’ll know for sure on Oct. 29 in Phoenix.

“I’m so excited, I’m so happy to be here,” Silva said to Paul. “Especially because many, many years ago you come with your brother (Logan) and I take picture with you. It’s insane. I fight a lot in my entire life and I’m here again. That’s the proof that everyone can do everything in their life when you believe in yourself.”

To watch the entire Paul vs. Silva press conference video replay click here.

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