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Midnight Mania! UFC Flyweight sells her underwear after UFC London knockout loss

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UFC Fight Night: Blaydes v Aspinall Ceremonial Weigh-in Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The second UFC London event of 2022 couldn’t hold a candle to the first show. The crowd was lively as ever, but the fights simply weren’t as good! Still, one highlight of the evening was Molly McCann’s star-making win over Hannah Goldy, her second spinning elbow finish of the year. McCann is not the textbook fan favorite, but she’s done well to maximize her stardom and earning potential by building a dedicated base of fans.

As it turns out, her opponent has creative marketing ideas as well. Goldy is one of quite a few members of the UFC roster who has turned to OnlyFans (OF) as a side hustle — that’s how Felice Herrig made bank off feet pics! More recently, genuine Top 10 contenders Raquel Pennington and Tecia Pennington (formerly Torres) announced they’d be using OnlyFans to fund their wedding.

In short, having an OF account alone is hardly breaking new ground for UFC fighters in 2022. However, Goldy is the first woman that I’ve heard about who auctioned off underwear from an event in which she was badly knocked out (H/T CalfKicker). Now, to be clear, Goldy wore the sold garments to her weigh-ins, not the event itself, but you’d have to ask someone more knowledge than me about whether that specification increased or decreased the value.

The auction began two days after UFC London concluded. Goldy posted on her Facebook, “I’m auctioning off the UFC panties I wore to weigh ins. DM me with your bids.” Sadly, the private nature of the bidding means that we’re unlikely to ever learn the final dollar amount.


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Midnight Music: Mavis Staples covering Talking Heads is not a combination I ever thought I’d stumble upon, but I dig it!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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