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Video: Hasim Rahman Jr. leaks sparring footage with Jake Paul - ‘I had the training wheels on’

Video footage has leaked of a sparring session between Hasim Rahman Jr. and Jake Paul, revealing some interesting takeaways from the professional boxer and social media star.

Paul has been doing his best to prove that he’s a legitimate boxer over the past few years. The competition he has faced inside of the ring has left fight fans wanting more to see if “Problem Child” really is a problem for some high-ranked boxers. That’s why Paul’s previously scheduled tilt with former training partner, Hasim Rahman Jr., this weekend at Madison Square Garden was so important.

Unfortunately, the bout was canceled last weekend after Paul’s team cited weight issues with Rahman Jr., the son of a former heavyweight world champion. Rahman Jr. has pleaded his case over the past few days stating that his weight wasn’t going to be a problem. That has led a long list of combat enthusiasts believing that Paul wasn’t able to sell enough tickets for his main event scrap at MSG. Arena officials may have tried to throw water on that fire, but the verdict is still out.

Now, it appears Rahman Jr. is doing what he can to salvage his name and put Paul on blast. His latest effort was releasing an old sparring session on social media Saturday afternoon. The video footage is a little less than two minutes long, but it gives fight fans enough insight into how things went between Paul and Rahman Jr. As expected, Rahman Jr. landed some crisp shots on the social media influencer and he may have even been taking it easy. They were more like pop shots, but Paul was out of position for most of them.

Check out the video above courtesy of Rahman Jr. The professional boxer also issued a statement along with the sparring footage.

“This boy puts out what he wants to put out, but he ‘beat my ass’ in sparring. I told y’all I had the training wheels on with this goofy. The first opportunity he had to run from this fight he took it! Now he’s running to fight @ksi this boy never wanted no smoke.”

Early Saturday, it was announced that social media influencer KSI needed a new opponent for his Aug. 27 boxing match after his previous opponent, Alex Wassabi, suffered a concussion. Paul offered to step in on short notice, but it is unknown at this time if the two will come to an agreement.

As for Rahman Jr., he may have missed his chance to earn a big payday and the opportunity to end this Paul-a-palooza once and for all. At least he has the video proof that he was the better boxer in sparring.

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