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Jon Jones reveals Francis Ngannou is ‘back on the table’ for November

UFC 247: Jones v Reyes Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Jon Jones doesn’t know exactly when he’ll make his long-awaited heavyweight debut, but the former UFC light heavyweight champion and all-time mixed martial arts (MMA) legend believes things could finally fall into place by end of year.

Believe it or not, fight fans haven’t seen Jones compete since his unanimous decision win over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 back in Feb. 2020. That means if “Bones” doesn’t fight until the end of this year it would be almost three years on the sidelines for one of the greatest fighters of all time. It seems like a complete waste of prime fighting years, but Jones has been patiently waiting and preparing himself for the best heavyweight debut possible.

Luckily, it shouldn’t be much longer before Jones is stepping inside of the Octagon and showing fight fans what he’s capable of doing at the heavyweight level. Given Jones’ track record and status as one of the best fighters ever he’s expected to get an immediate title shot in his debut. That could be an interim title fight with former champion Stipe Miocic or a super fight against current UFC heavyweight titleholder Francis Ngannou. Either way, fight fans can expect Jones back in action before the calendar flips to 2023.

On Friday, Jones took to social media to discuss his impending return. The former UFC champion doesn’t have too much information at this time, but he did reveal that he’s heard whispers of a fight this coming November. Also, Jones believes that Ngannou, who is still recovery from knee surgery, may be back on the table as an option.

“The biggest complaint I hear from fight fans these days are “dude is taking too long, he’s never going to fight” sounds like people are becoming impatient, it’s a great problem to have,” wrote Jones via Twitter.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure in one of Dana‘s last interviews he stated “Jon’s ready to go, just waiting to see what happens between Stipe and Francis.” Right now I’m focusing on controlling what I can, that’s packing on the pounds,” he said.

“I’ve been hearing whispers about November but honestly I have no clue,” responded Jones when asked when fight fans might see him compete again. “Been hearing that Francis could possibly be back on the table though.”

Earlier this week, Jones released a short training video showcasing his new standup skills as a heavyweight. While some previous footage seemed like Jones was moving a little slower than usual at his new weight “Bones” looked absolutely incredible this time around. If it’s a sign of things to come then the heavyweight division better be on high alert.

Jones also commented on his recent training video and addressed any fans still holding onto doubt about his heavyweight potential.

“For all those who said I looked a little slow in my last training video, I appreciate the added motivation,” said Jones. “I’ll push harder, can’t wait for you all to see your boy in actual fight shape. Everything has its process.”

“I personally don’t feel slow, I’m aware that I’m not in camp and I am in a bulking phase,” he wrote. “But I like people judging that version of me, it could only work to my advantage.”

At this point all fight fans can do is wait and see what happens with Jones and his heavyweight debut. But considering his past accomplishments inside of the Octagon his impending return should be one of the more anticipated events in combat sports today.

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