Remembering David Nathan Strapp aka TomSelleck23 (1959- 2020)

It's been 3 years since our main man TomSelleck23 ( Thomas to me ) passed away from cancer. I can't tell you how much not seeing him daily on the boards p*sses me off. We all lost a great contributor to this board and a friend in August 2020.

For those of you who remember, there was a FANPOST Thomas wrote telling us about what he was going through and Maniacs showed up in droves to show their support and encouragement as only Maniacs can. Old and New came out and Thallomas read them all. (He didn't recall writing it but somehow he did) He came back with...... I'm Back & Swinging. LFTO

Thomas told us how much the words meant to him and how much this community meant to him, his words,,," Almost passed today and might tonight so saying my goodbyes to some of the best dudes I've never met. Can't name you now but know this: MANIAC FOR LIFE

If there was a Mania Hall of Fame TomSelleck23 & Scottidogg (sorry if I blew the spelling) would both be First Ballot Hall of Famer's

Gone but forever Maniacs!

Damn you Thomas.... now I gotta go blow my nose and rub cold water over my face and eyes. Love ya Brother!

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