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BKFC 27 London results, live streaming play-by-play updates | MVP vs. Perry

*** To watch Perry vs. MVP full fight video highlights click here! ***

Boxing at York Hall Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Bareknuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) presents “BKFC 27 London” this afternoon (Sat., Aug. 20, 2022) inside OVO Arena Wembley in London, England, streaming live on In the main event, No. 2-ranked Bellator Welterweight, Michael “Venom” Page, will make his bareknuckle boxing debut against former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bruiser, “Platinum” Mike Perry. Also on the card are BKFC mainstay Sam Shewmaker fighting Mick Terrill in Heavyweight action and another former UFC competitor making his BK debut, Chris Fishgold, who will take on another former mixed martial arts (MMA) practitioner, “Brutal” Jake Bostwick. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire BKFC 27 London fight card below, starting with online “Prelims” undercard fights at 1 p.m. ET, followed by the main card broadcast at 2 p.m. ET (watch it on right here).

BKFC 27 Quick Results:

175 lbs.: Mike Perry def. Michael Page - Majority decision (scores unread) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
165 lbs.: Connor Tierney def. Joe Elmore - Unanimous decision 49-43, 50-46, 50-45
220 lbs.: Mick Terrill def. Sam Shewmaker - KO 2:00 rd. 1 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
155 lbs.: James Lilley def. Tyler Goodjohn - Unanimous decision 49-46, 50-44, 48-47
175 lbs.: Jake Bostwick vs. Chris Fishgold - TKO 1:58 rd. 2 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
180 lbs.: Danny Christie def. Terry Brazier - KO 1:22 rd. 2 WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
220 lbs.: Dawid Zoltaszek def. Adam Harris - KO 2:00 rd. 1 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
175 lbs.: David Round def. Ash Griffith - TKO 0:40 rd. 2 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
145 lbs.: John Hick def. Ellish Shepherd - Unanimous decision 48-47 x2, 50-45
185 lbs.: Dan Vinni def. Conan Barbaru - KO 0:35 rd. 2 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
165 lbs.: Franco Tenaglia def. Chas Symonds - KO 2:00 rd. 2 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
220 lbs.: Rob Cunningham def. Brett May - TKO, doctor stoppage, end of rd. 2

BKFC 27 Play-By-Play Updates:

155 lbs.: Michael Page vs. Mike Perry

Round 1: Perry in white, Page in black. Perry immediately leaps in with a right hand. Page gets one back. And a left. Quick right hand from Perry and down goes Page! He stands and we’re back. Perry with a jab, Page responds with a right. Check left from Page. Lead left hits for Perry. Page evades the jab and glances a right.

10-8 Perry

Round 2: Page with a quick jab. Counter right from MVP lands well. Big right hand lands clean, too. Page with a 1 to the body and a 2 upstairs, but Perry blocks a fair amount of that hook. Page cracks a left. Jab for Page. Almost a shutout for Page this round, it might get scored a 10-8.

10-9 Page

Round 3: Page with a counter right as Perry swings wild. They swing out of a clinch. Perry hits a right. Page returns fire. Page keeps countering and landing, but aside from one clean right in the second round, it’s not hurting Perry much yet. Left hand from Page and Perry has a cut on the hairline now. Uppercut from Page.

10-9 Page

Round 4: Page immediately lunges in with a left to open the round. Perry connects on a left. I think that got some blood on the lips or nose of Page. Cracking left by Page, but it’s not wobbling “Platinum” at all. Page whips in a jab. Perry tries a left, but it doesn’t land clean. Page with a left. Closer round.

10-9 Page

Round 5: Perry with a quick left half-jab, half-hook. They throw back and forth, but it doesn’t look like either man landed clean. Clinch and a right hand from Perry. Page looks like he’s slowing down a bit, but so has Perry. Perry goes to the body. Jab, pause and right hand from Page. Left by Perry as the round draws close to ending. They clinch and the bell rings.

10-9 Perry and I’ve got this as a 47-47 draw.


Round 6: Page coming out hot with a right-left. Gets in another left. A right on the exit. Perry with a right, Page hits a jab to the ribs. I think that long break between rounds gave Page a bit of gas. Right hand by Page. Perry clinches and lands to the body. Page with a bloody nose that’s leaking badly. Left by both men as the round ends.

10-9 Page

Michael Perry def. Michael Page

165 lbs.: Connor Tierney vs. Joe Elmore

Round 1: Elmore in red, Tierney in blue and yellow. Tierney backs up immediately, but Elmore doesn’t oblige, forcing Tierney to come forward. Lead left from Tierney. Elmore with a nice right hand and they clinch to a ref break. Elmore winging big power shots. They clinch and power body shots into each other repeatedly.

Hard round to score, could go either way, and if I’m not going 10-10, I’ll say 10-9 Tierney

Round 2: Elmore trying to bait Tierney in, but Tierney is cautious and measured. Elmore grabs the lead hand of Tierney and hits a left. That gets a bit of a warning from the ref to make a fist and not grab. Not much else really happening here.

10-9 Elmore

Round 3: Tierney gets in the jab component of a 1-2. Both men get a right hand in. Suddenly Elmore stumbles from a left as they exchange in the pocket. Elmore leaking from what looks like the nose and head. Tierney hits an overhand right.

10-9 Tierney

Round 4: The replay from the last round shows that Elmore landed at the same time he got hurt by that shot. Impressive from Tierney. Big right hand from Tierney. Another. Elmore no sells them both, but they landed on the jawline. Tierney hits a 1-2. Elmore just misses a big right. Lands a left, though.

10-9 Tierney

Round 5: Lot of clinching here. Tierney gets double underhooks and Elmore spams ineffective shots to the ear. Flush check left hook from Tierney stops Elmore in his track. Both men get into a half clinch and start mashing short body shots in. Left hook from Tierney.

10-9 Tierney

Connor Tierney def. Joe Elmore

155 lbs.: James Lilley vs. Tyler Goodjohn

Round 1: Goodjohn in black, Lilley in red. Lilley comes out firing and clips Goodjohn. Lilley throwing big combos and flurries. Goodjohn is bleeding a lot from his left eye. Both men land right hands and now Lilley has some blood from the outside of his eye socket. Left from Goodjohn.

10-9 Lilley

Round 2: Doc checks the bad cut on Goodjohn, but we’re underway. Lilley gets in a jab. They clinch and are pistoning away at each other - Lilley with the left, Goodjohn using his right. Goodjohn comes forward, eats a jab for his trouble. 30 seconds to go. Lilley hits an uppercut. 1-2 from Goodjohn, who lands that two solid.

10-9 Goodjohn

Round 3: Goodjohn’s eye lookin ugly, but not closed. Right-left-right and QUICK from Lilley. Right by Goodjohn, 3-2 from Lilley in return. Couple of rights thrown and landed by Goodjohn. Lilley landing in multiples again. Both men with body punches.

10-9 Lilley

Round 4: Goodjohn pumps a jab. Both men connect rights. Lilly keeps circling and flurrying in counters, Goodjohn seems completely unable to cut off the ring. Goodjohn lands two very nice right hands, but Lilly eats them. Lilly with a double jab. Lilley with a double leg takedown off a clinch to sheepish apologies.

10-9 Goodjohn

Round 5: They give a brief hug in respect before attempting to punch each other in the face. Lilley circles off an entry and gets in a right hand. Goodjohn lands that right this time. Another right hand lands. A third, but it glances only. Jab to the body for Goodjohn.

10-9 Goodjohn

James Lilley def. Tyler Goodjohn

220 lbs.: Mick Terrill vs. Sam Shewmaker

Round 1: Shewmaker in the Stars & Stripes but with a black half on the other leg, Terrill in white. Shewmaker misses a lunging left to start. Missed punch, clinch and a ref break. Terrill with a big jab into a swarming series of punches and an uppercut drops Shewmaker. He’s up and we’re back. Terrill still being cautious. Terrill punches into the clinch again and gets a bit of a hockey-style, grab-behind-the-head-and-punch-with-the-other shot in that drops Shewmaker. Shewmaker isn’t going to make the count!

Mick Terrill def. Sam Shewmaker

175 lbs.: Jake Bostwick vs. Chris Fishgold

Round 1: Fishgold in black, Bostwick in yellow and pink. Fishgold starts out quick and takes the center. Bit of trash talking from Fishgold, but eats a right. They’re both swinging heavy. Bostwick with a solid hook that stops Fishgold in his tracks momentarily. Right hand from Fishgold. Bostwick dodges a pair. “Brutal” Bostwick 10-9

Round 2: Both men hit a right. Fishgold gets in a jab. Right-left combo from Bostwick. He’s swarming, gets a big shot in that bounces the mouthpiece out and opens up a big cut on Fishgold and down he goes! He beats the count and we’re back after he collects his mouthpiece. Not sure what happened in a clinch, but Fishgold goes down. He claims it’s a slip, but referee Dan Miragliotta counts an 8. Bostwick gets in a body shot right before the bell which drops Fishgold again and... WOW! Fishgold says he can’t breathe and we’re done!

“Brutal” Jake Bostwick def. Chris Fishgold

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