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Evander Holyfield shares important update on Mike Tyson trilogy (Video)

Former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield made his return to the “sweet science” against ex-UFC titleholder Vitor Belfort last September in Florida and “Real Deal” got knocked out by “The Phenom” in what is best described as the closest thing to a snuff film without losing a pulse (watch highlights here).

I tried to warn ya’.

The fact that Holyfield was laid to rest in less than two minutes, in addition to reports the Triller pay-per-view (PPV) card was a financial disaster, may have brought an end to the 59 year-old pugilist’s boxing career while also closing the door on his oft-teased trilogy bout opposite fellow geriatric slugger Mike Tyson.

“Too late now,” Holyfield told TMZ Sports. “All done now. I’ve been retired.”

Like Holyfield, who turns 60 in just a few weeks, the 56 year-old Tyson walked away from boxing (again) after battling Roy Jones Jr. to a draw in their exhibition bout back in late 2020, thanks to greedy fight promoters and their desire to make it “all about money.”

Besides, who needs boxing when you can sell “Mike Bites?”

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