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Video: Max Holloway ‘knocked out’ for first time in UFC career, fans cry early stoppage

What does it take to knockout former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway?

About seven Gs, give or take a few hundred knots. That was a lesson the Hawaiian mixed martial arts (MMA) icon learned when he went airborne with the Navy Blue Angels earlier this week, complete with “Danger Zone” soundtrack by 80’s movie crooner, Kenny Loggins.

“Sadly my ‘never been KO’d’ streak came to an end,” Holloway wrote on Instagram. ”I was blessed with the opportunity to fly with Navy Blue Angels. Shoutout to Number 7 pilot Griffin Stangel and everyone behind the scenes for the unreal experience. This once in a lifetime time ride I will never forget. Thank you.”

Some of the comments on his flyboy video were pretty funny, including “early stoppage” by follower BodeBryant. A majority of the online feedback expressed a healthy dose of envy at Holloway’s opportunity to take flight with such a prestigious group of pilots.

I threw up on The Rotor so that took care of my dreams of becoming captain.

Holloway, 30, is coming off his third and likely final loss against reigning featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. No word yet on whether or not “Blessed” will hang around for some Top 10 matchups or make another run in the 155-pound division.

We’re likely to find out before year’s end.

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