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Jake Paul DM’d ‘p—sy’ Pedro Munhoz after ‘b—ch move’ vs. Sean O’Malley — despite scratched cornea

MMA: JUL 02 UFC 276 Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Pedro Munhoz is pretty firmly confirmed as not a p—sy.

The Brazilian Bantamweight has been in there with multiple UFC champions, names like Aljamain Sterling, Cody Garbrandt, and Dominick Cruz. 35 years of age and still ranked in the Top 10, Munhoz has thrown down with a who’s who of the 135-pound rank and file for the last five years. Whenever he ends up behind on the cards, Munhoz bites down on the mouthpiece and swings big. In 28 professional fights, Munhoz has never been stopped by strikes or submission.

So yeah, if Pedro Munhoz says a foul messed him and he can no longer continue, we should probably believe him. That was the situation back at UFC 276, when an eye poke courtesy of Sean O’Malley in the second round resulted in their fight being ruled a “No Contest.”

Jake Paul does not agree with this line of logic. In fact, when Paul brought his pal O’Malley on his BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, he continued to back O’Malley’s claim that Munhoz was faking the injury in order to escape the cage without a loss.

“I just have to say, bro: Pedro Munhoz pulled the biggest b—ch move in all of UFC history,” Paul told O’Malley (via SportsKeeda). “And Pedro, if you’re watching this, you are a f—king b—ch, mate. I went out of my f—king way to DM him. I don’t DM people, [but] I DM’d him. I found his little s—tty Instagram and I said, ‘Yo! You are the biggest b—ch in the world.’”

Paul went on to share the direct message, which read, “You are a p—sy with all these fake ass injury’s you’re trying to take during this fight. You’re an embarrassment.”


As indignant as Paul may be, he’s equally wrong. Munhoz posted the medical records, proving that his cornea was scratched by O’Malley’s eye poke. That’s a debilitating injury, and again, someone with Munhoz’s reputation and experience shouldn’t have to post personal medical records to prove the obvious.

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