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Bo Nickal encourages fans to bet the house on him at -3000

Even at insane favorite odds like Bo Nickal is getting, he still sees value in betting on “The Allen Assassin.”

Three-time NCAA Division 1 national wrestling champion, Bo Nickal, made his Contender Series debut on Tuesday, wrecking his opponent, Zachary Borrego, in little more than one minute (watch highlights). No one was too surprised ... Nickal came into the fight a whopping -3000 favorite off his insane wrestling credentials and the hype brewing at his gym, American Top Team.

Now, -3000 may not seem like odds worth betting on, at first glance. Few degenerate gamblers I know are interested in betting on odds wider than -300. But, according to Bo Nickal, -3000 is a steal.

“To those crying about my comment regarding the betting line on my fight listen up,” Nickal wrote on Twitter. “If you got me at -3000 and put $100k on me you would have made $3.3k. That’s a 3.3% return in 60 sec. If you don’t understand this stick to your +25000 parlays and lose your money.”

“That’s a little low, I think,” Nickal had said at the Contender Series post-fight press conference (watch it here). “Honestly, it was just free money if anyone bet on me, in my opinion. When I saw the betting odds I felt a little disrespected, because I expected it to open at -10,000. But yeah, the odds, that’s a steal in my opinion. I think people should have been hammering that line. Hopefully those oddsmakers will wise up and come in a little better on the next thing.”

He also retweeted a message from a fan declaring, “10 year US treasury bill yields 2.89% rn, Bo Nickal is a safer investment.”

If you’re looking for slightly more lucrative lines on Nickal, he has another suggestion for you: Bo Nickal to be UFC Middleweight champion by the end of 2024. The line he’d set on himself for that? A humble -1000.

While it’s hard to tell just how easily Nickal will cut through the 185-pound division based off his two fights / 1:35 of cage time thus far, there’s no denying he has a world of potential. Three-time NCAA Division 1 champs are rare and most are legends in the amateur wrestling world. Nickal would have added Olympic cred to his name, too, if he hadn’t lost to eventual 2020 Tokyo Olympics gold medalist, David Taylor, at the Olympic Team Trials.

Oh, and he’s got hands as well, which he used to knock out his first professional opponent on the feet.

Bo Nickal’s next fight will be a second Contender Series bout on Sept. 27, 2022. Place your bets appropriately.

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