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Jon Jones fans panic as jacked Francis Ngannou muscles up to nearly 300 pounds

Reigning UFC 265-pound champion Francis Ngannou is coming off major knee surgery which means “The Predator” is limited in what he can do inside the gym. Simply put, no more pesky cardio machines to get in the way of heavyweight GAINZ.

How heavy?

“A lot, a lot more than I used to weigh,” Ngannou told UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje in his latest YouTube video. “It’s been six months though, six months since I last fought and had to train. Not three (hundred) ... 290, 293.”

Ngannou weighed 257 for his UFC 270 title defense against Ciryl Gane.

Fans of former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones are starting to panic on Twitter, even though “Bones” insists Ngannou — who boasts 12 knockouts in 17 wins — will be too slow and too wild to land the finishing blow.

Assuming that fight ever comes to fruition.

Jones has been linked to a possible Stipe Miocic fight while the promotion waits for Ngannou to make his recovery from kneehab. Or “Bones” could opt to bide his time, keep bulking, and jump right into an immediate title shot.

Which could in return give fans this heavyweight banger.

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