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Video: Michael Chandler singing Britney Spears for ‘Masked Singer’ on par with Conor McGregor’s ‘ball game’ blunder

UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler was a recent surprise guest on the “Masked Singer” reality show live tour, where (cough) “celebrities” dress up in various costumes to belt out popular tunes while contestants try to guess their secret identities.

Chandler had the honor of singing “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears, though it probably would have been far more entertaining to see “Iron” dressed up in pig tails and a miniskirt like the original music video from 1999 (back when MTV was still a thing).

I wouldn’t say it was better than Anderson Silva singing ... whatever the hell that song was on Brazilian television, but it certainly wasn’t worse than fellow lightweight bruiser Conor McGregor singing the seventh-inning stretch for baseball’s Chicago Cubs.

Chandler, currently ranked No. 5 in the lightweight division, is coming off a second-round knockout over former interim 155-pound champion Tony Ferguson at UFC 274 and despite several callouts, the promotion has yet to decide what’s next for the ex-Bellator champ.

It certainly won’t be a career in music.

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