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Sorry! ‘Hypocrite’ Chris Pratt apologizes for badmouthing UFC 276 headliner Israel Adesanya

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

UFC fandom, however, requires a public apology every time you hurt someone’s feelings. Probably because of that whole “man in the arena” thing. Just remember that little speech the next time you’re unhappy with the shrimp scampi at Red Lobster.

If you’re not a cook, if you never went to culinary school, just shut your dumb face and be glad you got to experience the taste of buttery greatness for once in your life.

Hollywood super hero Chris Pratt learned a similar lesson at UFC 276. The artist frequently known as “Peter Quill” was disappointed that UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya did not fight as spectacularly as he talked.

“The Last Stylebender” captured a ho-hum decision win over middleweight bruiser Jared Cannonier, the fourth straight time Adesanya has gone to the judges’ scorecards, then later blasted Pratt for being a clueless fanboy.

“You’re right,” Pratt wrote on Twitter. “I’m sorry brutha. It bugs me when people criticize my work — having never themselves risked anything. It makes me a hypocrite to do exactly that to you. My bad. Keep on keeping on champ.”

Pratt ended his tweet with a heart and prayer hands high five.

The 23-1 Adesanya, despite his successful reign atop the 185-pound mountain, has been playing defense these last few days, thanks to recent criticism from “drunk” fans, fellow UFC fighters, and the combat sports media.

Hopefully that will all change when this rising contender gets his middleweight title shot.

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