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Jake Paul sets cancelation deadline for MIA Tommy Fury — ‘Three other opponents lined up’

Tommy Fury is supposed to be fighting Jake Paul atop the Showtime boxing pay-per-view (PPV) on Aug. 6 in New York City; however, “TNT” has yet to remedy the issues that have kept him from traveling from London to the United States.

In addition to missing last week’s kickoff press conference, Fury has also maintained radio silence on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, leading Paul to set a hard deadline for the cancelation of their “Big Apple” grudge match at Madison Square Garden.

“Tommy is officially out by Wednesday morning if he doesn’t go to the embassy [and] come out of hiding,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “Three other opponents lined up. I’m built different.”

One fan suggested a showdown against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr..

“He was near the top of the list,” Paul continued. “But unfortunately he is going through rehab. Hopefully in the future.”

The 25 year-old YouTube star was expected to fight a credible name in boxing after knocking around a couple of shopworn UFC veterans in the form of Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Expect something more concrete later this week, barring a Fury Hail Mary.

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