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Conor McGregor gushes over GOATs, goers, and quads in lengthy UFC 277 rant

The Irish sports star was so impressed with UFC 277 that he recorded a several-minutes-long audio review of the event that’s definitely worth a listen.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - Qualifying Photo by Arnold Jerocki/FilmMagic

Conor McGregor really enjoyed UFC 277, and all the warriors that competed on the card that night.

“The Notorious” took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to share his thoughts on the pay-per-view event in a series of excited Voice recordings. If he sounded a little, um, loose ... it’s because he was. McGregor admitted he’d enjoyed a “few hits of a blunt, big blunts,” which explains why he almost starts rapping at points and turns his Irish brogue up to eleven.

The main event between Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena clearly hit McGregor right in the cosmic kisser. The Irish sports star compared it to his own two-fight series with Nate Diaz, and the synchronicities clearly had him wondering if the universe was trying to communicate something with him.

“It’s mad to me the similarity of last night’s ladies’ bantamweight world title fight rematch to mine with Diaz,” McGregor said. “The McGregor-Diaz fights. Fight number one ... a highly-touted, the GOAT of the sport. Me and Amanda Nunes. Sheer toughness, willingness to fight, and caught off guard. We eat a couple of shots, give a couple of shots, then eats a couple of shots and the tide turns and then gets choked.”

“Now the return, the rematch. Confidence on the other side. Tenacity and toughness, all of that is still there. More focused work on Nunes and my side.”

“Now I’m neither side, I’m a fan of both women, a huge fan of both of those women,” McGregor continued. “Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena, and everyone who steps inside that f—ing octagon, to be honest, and makes the walk. At the end of the original bout, ‘I’m not surprised motherf—ers.’ Then again, Julianna says it and then the fight goes the exact same way in the second fight. Dropped multiple times, just better prepared, cracks the shots, gets the drop multiple times, but then the toughness is just still there, still in Amanda’s face, still in my face.”

“Some fights, they are, they’re iconic mixed martial arts bouts that we’re all lucky to witness, and it’s a mad that you know, double champ, double champ. ‘I’m not surprised.’ ‘I’m not surprised.’ I don’t know ... it’s a madhouse scene.”

The co-main between Brandon Moreno and Kai Kara-France also entertained McGregor.

“That Mexican is a little animal of a thing, and so is the little New Zealander also,” he said. “Two goers. Two proper goers from completely different parts of the world. Two different people, but two of the same in their own way. It was great to watch that bout, a really great bout.”

“And the little Mexican is some boyo. You have to give it to him, walking into the arena with the chick on the arm. Campeón, numero uno. Campeón, campeón. Number one, number one, what did he say? A proper Mexican entrance and then a proper Mexican fight. Then the toughness, and the two of them just put on a show. It was a great card all around.”

McGregor also loved the high drama as Brandon Moreno was delivering his post-fight victory speech and Deiveson Figueiredo climbed into the cage to promote their inevitable fourth fight, a flyweight unification bout.

“The quad! The fight between yer man and yer man,” McGregor gushed. “The quad of Brandon Moreno, Deiveson Figueiredo ... We look ahead now, we look to the future, yeah? We got this fight coming ... They handled it great afterwards, I thought. The Mexican, even more impressive. ‘I have a daughter, I want to show, be a shining light, a good example.’ And then yer man not knowing what was going, we gonna play ball with this? What are we gonna do? And then he gives it back to him, ‘No this is his night.’ But still, it was solid, it was a great one. And I look forward to the ol’ fourth fight ahead.”

McGregor wrapped up his four part audio review of UFC 277 by reminding fans that he’d be back in action in the near future.

“I’m buzzing cuz I want to come back,” he declared. “Good fights like that, good fight nights like that, good cards like that, good pay-per-views inspire millions around the world. Thank you all so much for the entertainment and I’ll see you real soon.”

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