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Nate Diaz slaps Full Send Nelk Boy (or whatever) upside the head backstage at UFC 276

A real confrontation or just a prank, bro? You watch and tell us.

Older fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) may not appreciate all the young YouTube personalities running around chasing clout at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events these days, but at least we occasionally get to see one slapped upside the head.

The Nelk Boys have become something of a fixture in the UFC world due to UFC President Dana White’s friendship with them. So, not only do we get regular shots of them in the sweet seats at major UFC events, they’re also backstage trying to pal around with the fighters. At UFC 276 last night (Sat., July 2, 2022) they had their new FULL SEND MMA reporter, “The OG” Shawny Mack, roving about and he ended up getting slapped by Nate Diaz moments after beginning an interview.

“You better watch your tweets about my dude who was fighting recently,” Diaz declared before slapping away Mack’s microphone and then putting five to the forehead.

Assuming this isn’t a publicity stunt, Diaz may have been reacting to Mack posting something about Nate’s friend and training partner, Nick Maximov.

Of course, with the Nelk Boys, you never know what’s real and what’s a setup. We still don’t know whether they intentionally leaked Colby Covington’s location after an interview in March, leading Jorge Masvidal to track down “Chaos” and assault him. Or, maybe they were just clueless idiots.

It’s really a toss up.

When you’re in the web traffic business like these FULL SEND guys are, taking a hit to generate hits is a perfectly acceptable trade-off. And Diaz has such an unusual cult of personality, getting “Stockton Slapped” is more of an honor than anything else. Even Dana White happily took one from Diaz upside his dome leading up to the McGregor vs. Diaz 2 bout.

Diaz is still stuck on the sidelines waiting for the final fight on his UFC contract to miraculously come together. Rumors abound that the younger Diaz brother may have something lined up, but it’s just as likely that UFC strings him along for several more months rather than allow him to walk away into a eight-figure payday to box Jake Paul or some other such profitable nonsense.

So what do you think, Maniacs? Fake ... a setup? Or, is Diaz keeping it real and going FULL SEND on these Nelk guys?

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