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Former UFC champ-turned Texas cop defends daughter from ‘Camp Antifa’ hit piece on FOX News

In words I never thought I would be typing in 2022, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight titleholder Johny Hendricks, who is now a full-time police officer in Texas, is taking aim at FOX News after the network ran a “Camp Antifa” hit piece using a stock media photo of his daughter.

“Welcome to Camp Antifa, where kids learn to check their privilege, hate cops, and lecture you on climate change,” FOX News host Jesse Watters said Tuesday. “Who doesn’t want to send their kid there?

Watch the segment below starting at the 22:22 mark:

Here’s the photo in question, doctored to show a grenade in place of a tin can:

Hendricks took exception to his daughter’s photo being used by the network.

“Find another model!” the bearded brawler wrote on Twitter. “She’s cute, but she loves cops. Her dad is one.”

Which I guess is better than getting “bent over” by a bare-knuckle bamboozler.

The 38 year-old Hendricks is no stranger to law enforcement, having previously led self defense classes for cops in the Fort Worth area. Now “Big Rigg” has been given his own shield like other UFC stars before him (including this former Ultimate Fighter finalist).

Hendricks has not competed in UFC since a 2017 knockout loss to Paulo Costa.