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Jake Paul hospitalized with broken back, bravely vows to fight (and promote) Hasim Rahman Jr. anyway

YouTube sensation-turned-celebrity boxer Jake Paul is just 25 years old and most of his fans are even younger, so I’m sure they’ll recognize the SpongeBob “ripped pants” shtick at work in “The Problem Child’s” latest social media video.

It seems the load-bearing Paul broke his back carrying the promotional duties for his last five boxing events and it doesn’t sound like his upcoming bout against Hasim Rahman Jr. will provide much (if any) relief on the marketing front.

“I had an accident, I’m still gonna be able to fight August 6th so get your tickets at before they sell out,” Paul told his Twitter followers. “I broke my back carrying the promotion for this event. It’s broken! Nurse! Nurse! More morphine! I broke my back carrying the last five fights’ promotion! My opponents never sell shit! Ah it hurts! It hurts! These motherfuckers never sell shit! They couldn’t sell a pen to a writer!”

Maybe they need to go watch that “sell me this pen” clip from The Wolf of Wall Street. Paul may have gotten a little more help from original opponent, Tommy Fury, before “TNT” pulled out due to wonky travel issues that may or may not be training related.

As for Rahman Jr., who did not appear to be in the mood to do anything but throw leather at last week’s press conference, he’ll have a chance to put Paul in the hospital for real when they collide for Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) on Aug. 6 at MSG in New York.

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