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Video: Gordon Ryan calls his shot, fails to get it, submits Pedro Marinho anyway at WNO Finale

Gordon Ryan of New Wave Jiu-Jitsu wanted to defeat Pedro Marinho of Gracie Barra by way of smother tap in their 30-minute title match for the WNO heavyweight title last Thurs. night (July 14), but Marinho put up a defensive barrier that kept Ryan at bay.

So the three–time ADCC world champ switched to a rear-naked choke and closed the show.

“I tried to smother tap him for like the first 25 minutes,” Ryan said after the match. “But he figured out he could put his arm in my armpit and alleviate the pressure and force me to double under hook. Props to him. I couldn’t smother tap him. You guys were complaining so I said okay, I’ll finish him with something else.”

Ryan, 27, nearly saw his grappling career come to an end last year after being diagnosed with Gastroparesis, a rare stomach condition that was affecting his daily training as well as his fight night performances, though it sounds like “King” is finally on the rebound.

“I feel good, I’m just happy to be back,” Ryan said. “It’s been a long road. I’m still not 100 percent, I’m still only 60-70 percent with my stomach. But I’m able to function as a human being now from day-to-day. I’m just happy I can go out there and manage my stomach enough and compete against the best guys in the world.”

Complete results from “Tezos WNO: Who’s Next Finale” below.

Gordon Ryan def. Pedro Marinho via rear-naked choke
Izaak Michell def. Kyle Chambers via armbar
Nicholas Meregali def. Breylor Grout via arm triangle
Andrew Tackett def. Rene Sousa via rear-naked choke
Giancarlo Bodoni def. Jacob Rodriguez via unanimous decision
Mike Rakshan def. Spencer Fossier via camel crush
Daniel Manasoiu def. Tristan Overvig via inside heel hook
Max Hanson def. Fabian Ramirez via split decision

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