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Dana White gifts $250k to Nelk Boys buddy, UFC fans flip out just because

UFC President Dana White just gave Nelk boy Kyle Forgeard $250,000 in cash for his birthday, which is $50,000 less than the price tag affixed to the Howler Head van White got from the YouTube pranksters back in late 2021.

No word yet on what that Nelk Boys NFT cost.

“$250,000 for my birthday from the best fucking mentor/friend I could ever ask for,” Forgeard wrote on social media. “I didnt know how much money this was until after the video. I am in fucking shock. Thank you so fucking much Dana White.”

And if you think this is an offensive display of wealth, just ask yourself one very important question: What would I do with $360 million?

Maybe you would spend it on your kids, or become a degenerate gambler, or even try to buy your own NFL team. There is also the option of spreading it around to “broke” UFC fighters who helped you become a millionaire. The answer is not so simple and White does have the support of select fighters (like this guy).

That didn’t stop him from getting hammered by UFC fans.

Other fans defended White and his exorbitant gift.

I think one of the reasons fans resent White for his money is because of how often he wastes it. If that $250,000 went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital or instead of gambling he randomly dropped $1 million on a shelter for battered women, fight fans would probably be singing his praises.

Until then, it’s gonna be the same old argument: To unionize (with the help of Jake Paul) or not to unionize.

Never, Mr. Smolka, because UFC knows how to play the game better than its fighters.

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