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Steve-O shares details of ‘insane’ stunt gone-wrong with UFC’s Jon Jones: ‘We all freaked out!’

UFC 228: Neal v Camacho Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Television personality Steve-O has suffered some pretty gruesome injuries throughout the years, but the Jackass movie star recently shared details of a stunt-gone-wrong at the hands of former UFC champion Jon Jones that may top them all.

Steve-O connected with Jones in the summer of 2020 a few months following the fighter’s successful title defense over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 (the last time Jones competed). The stuntman was working with Jones on a movie of his and wanted the UFC champion to give him cauliflower ear like most MMA fighters have. The duo first used Jones’ barbell set to get the job done, but it didn’t work out as planned.

“Jon Jones had a try at giving me cauliflower ear,” Steve-O revealed to Daniel Cormier during his podcast Multifaceted. “So we’re at Jon Jones’ house and he’s got these barbells with the weights.

“We put my ear in between the weights, the big round ones on the thing and he’s elbowing them and my ear comes out of there and he says ‘that’s it, you’ve got it, that’s cauliflower ear’, and then a few days later, nothing happened.”

After noticing that nothing had happened to his ear Steve-O of course took things one step further. This meant pinning his ear between a metal base bar on a workout machine and Jones’ UFC light heavyweight title. “Bones” then used an actual hammer to smash his belt and try to give Steve-O the look he wanted.

As you may have expected by this self-inflicting cauliflower ear setup things did not end well. A few strikes from Jones and Steve-O’s ear pretty much exploded.

“So the last thing we did, on one of his workout machines I put my ear on the metal base bar,” he continued. “He puts his light heavyweight championship belt and he puts in on my ear on this metal thing and he’s hitting it with a hammer.

“A full blown, Home Depot hammer and it seems like everything’s cool and in this footage the hammer hits it and all of a sudden, one hit, blood just splatters from underneath this belt. We all freaked out.

“We look and sure enough my ear is blasted to where a whole piece of my ear is just hanging down. And it’s the most intense thing you’ve ever seen, we got a pair of scissors and just chopped off this whole piece of my ear. Jon did it, Jon chopped it, just one piece.”

Steve-O, being the showman that he is, used the footage with Jones for his 2021 tour “The Bucket List.” The Jackass star says the stunt was so extreme that some fans were passing out after seeing it. All thanks to Jones, his UFC light heavyweight title, and a hammer from Home Depot.

“Now, you wouldn’t even be able to tell,” he continued. “I screened this footage during my bucket list show - I have three bits that can make a full grown man just pass the f*** out.

“Thank god I got that footage with Jon Jones because, dude, it’s epic. The blood splatters everywhere, he cuts the piece off my ear and it’s the best of both worlds because the footage is insane because I don’t have to deal with actually having cauliflower ear.”

What say you, Maniacs? Would you let Jones smash you ear with a hammer and cut the rest off? Name your price.

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