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Video: ‘Russian Popeye’ who tried MMA gets ‘alien’ face injections, will probably die

“I‘m an ideally handsome male.”

What do you get when you combine Gregg Valentino with a Sullustan from Star Wars?

Kirill Tereshin, the social media sensation and one-time MMA fighter known as “Russian Popeye.” Tereshin has been injecting his arms with petroleum jelly over the last few years — to the point where it nearly killed him — and is now working on transforming his face.

Sorry ladies, Tereshin already has a girlfriend.

“I‘m an ideally handsome male,” Tereshin told his Instagram followers. “All stands out clearly: lips, chin, cheekbones, forehead, nose is even, lower jaw. I want to make an alien face. I have believed in aliens since I saw UFOs as a teenager. I know that they exist and that they are the most powerful race in the entire world. I feel like I‘m going to them.”

The line starts here.

I guess Tereshin never saw Independence Day, where a horde of alien-loving weirdos gathered on top of a skyscraper to willingly surrender to invading aliens — only to get vaporized by the blue light of death. I also expect the alien race, when it’s not busy spying on Diego Sanchez, to be offended by Tereshin’s galactic appropriation.

Doctors recently warned Tereshin that additional injections will eventually prove fatal, but judging by some of “Popeye’s” latest social media posts, he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Here’s more:

No word yet if Tereshin is trained in JIU JITSU.

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