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Midnight Mania! Marlon Vera claims Sean O’Malley enjoying UFC favoritism: “Everything is to benefit ‘Sugar’”

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MMA: UFC 264-O’Malley vs Moutinho Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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Marlon Vera has a bone to pick with Sean O’Malley and UFC. The top-ranked finisher is in the title mix and holds a win over ‘Suga,’ but even so, talks of a potential rematch remain prevalent. At the moment, however, that’s not the immediate plan, as Vera is chasing a showdown vs. former champ Petr Yan, whereas O’Malley is booked opposite Pedro Munhoz at UFC 276.

Vera doesn’t like that match up. The Ecuadorian athlete believes it’s O’Malley’s easiest match up in the Bantamweight Top 10, and he thinks UFC is giving him good match ups on purpose to build him up.

“They couldn’t find him a better fight in the top 10,” Vera told Brendan Schaub on “Food Truck Diaries” (via MMAJunkie). “They find the smaller guy with the shorter reach. Everything is to benefit ‘Sugar’ because even if he lost, he’s gonna make an excuse. ‘Oh, I fought a tough guy,’ which who f—king cares? I’ve beat him. When people come to me about it, I’m like, ‘I don’t need that. I’m not looking for hype, I’m not looking for more followers, I don’t give two f—ks.’ I’m making my money, I’m getting up, I’m going after the belt. I’m not going after the hype. I’m not looking to be cool because I know I’m cool. I know I’m funny, I don’t need to chase that s—t. When you try too hard, you won’t get it.”

Vera also revealed he was offered and accepted a rematch with O’Malley, but it never materialized.

Unfortunately for “Chito,” this is something of an obvious statement. UFC is a fight promotion, and they’ll always try to push potential stars by offering them better stylistic match ups. There’s an uncountable number of knockout artists who somehow never end up in the cage with a decorated wrestler, simply because that’s bad business.

As an additional argument for Munhoz, he’s one of the nastiest calf kickers at 135-pounds, and that’s a proven issue for O’Malley. Perhaps it’s not quite such an unfair fight after all?


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