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Jake Paul calls Tyson Fury’s wimpy bet, raises him $3 million: ‘I can tell when they’re scared’

Now that Jake Paul is officially scheduled to fight Tommy Fury at Madison Square Garden this coming August the bets are beginning to roll in.

Paul and Fury were originally expected to fight inside the boxing ring in Dec. 2021, but an injury to Fury knocked him out of the fight and former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley, filled in for a rematch with “Problem Child.” Paul ended up scoring an infamous one-punch knockout (watch HERE), but he still had unsettled beef with Fury.

Luckily, both sides were able to finalize a deal this past week to meet in New York City. It will be Paul’s opportunity to finally compete against a boxer with legitimate experience and Fury’s chance to put an end to Paul’s boxing extravaganza. It’s hard to predict who will have the upper hand when they meet in about six weeks, but Tyson Fury believes his younger half-brother will have no trouble putting “Problem Child” out to pasture.

Earlier this week, the newly-retired “Gypsy King” discussed the upcoming boxing match and proposed a $100,000 bet to anyone willing to put money on Paul. It isn’t the biggest wager in the world and one that Paul immediately shot down, calling for a larger bet to be placed with the former world heavyweight champion. Paul posted the following video to Twitter on Saturday calling for a $3 million wager.

“Tyson Fury, who made $40 million last year, is willing to bet $100K on his brother. Oh my god. We’re shaking,” Paul said jokingly. “Hey, Tyson, you f—king p—y, you made $40 million. I know it wasn’t as much as me, but let’s up the ante. Let’s bet $1 million on it, Tyson. $2 million. $3 million. However much you want to f—king bet. Let’s do it. Are you down?

“I can tell when they’re scared,” continued Paul. “But me, I’m a cold motherf—ker. I’ll bet anyone. Any time, any place. So f—k your $100K. Let’s make this a better bet and make it worth a couple million. Are you down?”

Paul is clearly confident in his chances to take out Tommy Fury this coming August, but in reality it’s going to be the toughest fight of his professional career. Fury is a well-sized, youthful boxer who trains alongside big brother Tyson. It may not be in Paul’s best interest to poke the bear when he’s more than capable of dropping the ball when the two meet inside MSG.

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