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Nate Diaz demands UFC release

Nate Diaz wants out.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 champion, who spent most of his MMA career flip-flopping between lightweight and welterweight, is ready to move on to new and exciting challenges at the tender age of 37.

Diaz (20-13) is contractually entitled to three fights per year but has not competed since June 2021, a lopsided loss to top welterweight contender Leon Edwards. There was the annual dance with Dustin Poirier; however, nothing came of that potential booking.

As usual.

The fastest way for a fighter to part ways with UFC is to complete the remaining bouts on their existing contract and considering Diaz has been with the promotion for well over a decade, he must like UFC to keep re-upping with the organization every few years.

It should also be noted that Diaz didn’t tag UFC, promotion president Dana White, or anyone else in his latest tweet, which means it was probably posted to satiate his dopey fans who can watch their hero get destroyed for five rounds but stand and cheer when Diaz flips an opponent the middle finger.

Not surprisingly, UFC has yet to respond (and probably won’t).

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