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Midnight Mania! ‘Delusional’ Tony Kelley still talking trash after Adrian Yanez easily knocked him out

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UFC Fight Night: Kattar v Emmett Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC Austin was a star-making night for Adrian Yanez. The Bantamweight prospect picked up his fifth straight win inside the Octagon, smacking around Tony Kelley for a first-round knockout win (watch highlights). As big a win as it was for Yanez, it was an equally bad loss for Kelley, who missed weight and talked a bunch of trash prior to the smackdown.

Despite the clear-cut defeat, Kelley is holding firm on his position. I don’t know precisely what that position is other than unlikable, but Kelley is now also publicly calling for a rematch with Yanez ... despite being put to sleep inside a round just a couple nights ago!

Yanez cashed a $50,000 bonus check for stopping Kelley, and for that reason, he’s down to do it again.

That comment sparked a debate between the two on their Instagram stories. Kelley responded to the above post, “Bet he won’t, he’ll be left with a photo of me dropping my balls on that chin this time around.”

“You know what’s funny,” Yanez responded. “He tried talking s—t during the fight, got punched in the face and shut the f—k up real quick.”

Kelley apparently has yet to learn a lesson from UFC Austin, answering back, “I’m still talking for a reason home boy ...”

Yanez responded, “Cause I took your money, KO’d you, and now you’re a meme.”

After this exchange, the excuses began. Kelley blames the loss on his weight cut, explaining, “That weight cut f—ked me up honestly and your [sic] skated away with a freebie. You should be counting your blessings. We both know what you felt when you was backpedaling.”

In the final post of this saga, Yanez summed it all up. “You’re still delusional from those shots,” Yanez wrote. “I forgive you.”


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THE MATCH did major numbers in Japan! 25 million in revenue for nine minutes of action is no joke.

The technical side instead of the above drama — I mentioned this in my “Here’s Everything” article, but Yanez did a tremendous job of parrying the kick and immediately firing his left hook.

This historical document of grappling techniques is pretty darn cool!

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A subtle shift from Southpaw to Orthodox set up this head kick finish.

The defeated man wasn’t very happy with the stoppage, but that’s about as clean an intercepting knee as can land!

Jorge Masvidal has been a slick technical fighter for such a long time.

Random Land

Underwater breathing.

Midnight Music: I quite like this cover of a Supremes classic.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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