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Anthony Smith clarifies Cerrone-Bilzerian situation: ‘I wasn’t intentionally trying to s—t on Cowboy’

UFC 261 Weigh-in Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

A recent story told by Anthony Smith didn’t sit well with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian. Smith recently reflected on his UFC 239 Light Heavyweight title shot against Jon Jones in March 2019 (watch highlights), sharing how a moment in the crowd saw his mother and wife removed from their seats by the pair of Cerrone and Bilzerian, who he alleged were, “f—king hammered.”

Smith also recalled how his mother noticed Bilzerian “watching porn” on his phone upon his arrival into the section.

Bilzerian later responded after hearing the story, refuting Smith’s claims, saying that he doesn’t drink alcohol and that the “porn” was likely a random Snapchat message that he had no control over. As for the seats, Bilzerian said Cerrone invited him and the tickets were provided by the UFC legend. Cerrone also commented last week (Thurs., June 16, 2022) by calling Smith’s story “fabricated.”

Now, Smith has attempted to clear the air regarding the situation between all three.

“I wasn’t intentionally trying to s—t on ‘Cowboy,’ that wasn’t the purpose,” Smith told The Schmo. “I think it was collateral damage. I was really trying to s—t on Dan Bilzerian. So, I stand by everything that I said, but I wasn’t trying to s—t on ‘Cowboy.’ Initially, I wasn’t even going to say his name. I’m fairly confident that ‘Cowboy’ and I could sit down and have a five-minute conversation or less, and we could hash it out. It’s on the record. You can find it anywhere how much I’ve looked up to ‘Cowboy’ and I said most of those things less than three years ago so how many times have you heard me say I want to be the Light Heavyweight ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone? I look up to that guy. So I don’t have any beef with ‘Cowboy.’ When I told the story, I didn’t have any beef with ‘Cowboy,’ it wasn’t meant for ‘Cowboy.’

“I am guilty of maybe being on a podcast with a good friend of mine and telling a story ... I don’t know, to be honest, my mom just passed away like two weeks before that, maybe I was in my feelings a little bit,” he continued. “I’d never told the story because my mom was still alive. She was just embarrassed by it. So, I think maybe I was in my feelings and just got wrapped up in the conversation with a friend and maybe didn’t realize how many people might be listening so on that end of it, I probably should have just said something to ‘Cowboy,’ but I didn’t really have any beef with him. We were cool, that’s why I never said anything. I hope that this blows over because I don’t like feeling like ‘Cowboy’ and I have beef because I do look up to ‘Cowboy’ and the things he’s done and I’ve seen him interact with people, ‘Cowboy’s’ a good dude. I don’t want anyone to think any different and that wasn’t the purpose of me telling that story.”

Smith looks to extend his win streak to four straight at UFC 277 on July 30, 2022, in Dallas, Texas, when facing Magomed Ankalaev. Per UFC President, Dana White, the winner of the bout is likely next in line for the new champion, Jiri Prochazka.