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Despite facing ‘three felonies’ for Miami sucker punch, ‘innocent’ Jorge Masvidal insists Colby Covington is the true ‘coward’

UFC 272: Spivak v Hardy Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal is facing “three felonies” after his alleged sneak attack on fellow UFC welterweight Colby Covington outside a Miami steakhouse last March. But “Gamebred” maintains his innocence and suggests “Chaos” is the real coward.

A strange point of view considering this oddball confession.

“Allegedly this, allegedly that ... but I’m innocent,” Masvidal told The MMA Hour. “I’m not guilty. I’m facing three felonies, if you wanna know the exact truth. And yeah, you know, still pending. This guy’s a coward fuck. So, what could I expect from a coward fuck like him?”

Covington defeated Masvidal by way of unanimous decision in the UFC 272 headliner just a few months back. Unfortunately, “Gamebred” proved unable to get past some of the incendiary comments “Chaos” made during their pre-fight buildup, leading to the alleged (and very expensive) sidewalk sucker punch.

Masvidal, 37, hopes to fight again by the end of the year but understands his first commitment is to the justice system, where “Gamebred” will put his fate in the hands of a jury. As of this writing, Florida’s 11th Circuit Court will be expected to hear both sides of the story on Aug. 29.

“I mean the justice system, right? So, it’s not like I get to make up these calls,” Masvidal continued. “So I wanna say I’ll be okay. I always say I’m a positive person, I got my faith in a good outcome. But I am still facing three felonies, you know?”

A lot of that going around in recent years.