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Midnight Mania! ‘Fat’ Paddy Pimblett fires back at ‘juice head’ TJ Dillashaw

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Cage Warriors 136BEC - Manchester, UK Photo by Pat Scaasi/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Like him or not, TJ Dillashaw knows a bit about what it takes to become UFC champion. The two-time Bantamweight king is back in the hunt after his two-year USADA suspension, and in his view, Paddy Pimblett doesn’t have what it takes to capture the belt. As Dillashaw sees it, Pimblett’s habit of blowing up between fights shows a lacking work ethic.

“He’s just loving diabetes,” Dillashaw said on “The Schaub Show.” (via MMAJunkie). “That’s like a recipe for destroying your body. I guess there’s one thing when I look at it: They can promote him the right way and do all this good stuff, and he’s got some stuff to grow and get into the higher echelons of the UFC, but if you keep that same work ethic that he has now, he’ll never be a champion.

“You can’t have that down time like that. You can’t get that fat. You can’t get out of shape. It just proves the dedication to what you need to do. I’m not trying to pound on him or anything, but that’s something I think he’s going to have to figure out with age. He’s young. It’s a full-time job. This isn’t just wanting to be a fighter; you have to be a fighter.”

Pimblett didn’t appreciate the former champion’s advice. He fired back on Twitter, reminding Dillashaw of his own past bloat (see the shirt here), as well as deriding him for abusing performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

“Is this fella messin @TJDillashaw used to sell tee shirts with his fat face on it saying ‘fat Tyler’ on when he came out of camp don’t forget ur own past u sausage Cheating little juice head wud never have won a belt without them steroids u fucking mushroom.”

Currently, Pimblett is booked to face Jordan Leavitt at UFC London on July 23. Dillashaw, meanwhile, is the current favorite to face Bantamweight champ Aljamain Sterling later this year.

This round, however, goes to the young Brit on our scorecards.


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