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Highlights! Alex Martinez splits Clay Collard in main event barnburner

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Earlier tonight (Fri. June 17, 2022), Clay Collard and Alex Martinez threw down in the main event of PFL 4. The Lightweight clash determined which man would take part in the PFL 2022 playoffs later this year.

Collard started the bout strong. Establishing a strong jab, Collard frequently changed levels with hard punches to the body. One such left hook seemed to hurt Martinez, but Collard’s glove needed work from the official at an inopportune time. Nevertheless, Collard continued to fire in combination and attack all targets. Martinez managed to finish the round with a takedown, but Collard was clearly ahead after five minutes.

Collard took a couple jabs to start the second, but he went right back to work attacking the liver. After some clean body lands, Collard started going upstairs with his left hook to great success. Martinez tried to shoot, but he couldn’t drag “Cassius” down. A stiff Collard jab sent Martinez to the canvas, but the boxer couldn’t finish him off. After a scramble, Martinez landed in top position. All of a sudden, Martinez was under the chin with a fully locked in rear naked choke! Somehow, Collard survived, but it was a hell of a momentum shift, and Martinez finished the round on his back.

Collard started the third round with some ripping left hooks and calf kicks, but Martinez responded with an early single leg takedown. Collard returned to his feet and drove into his own takedown, and a tight guillotine choke! Collard resisted, popping his head free and landing in top position briefly. Back on the feet, Martinez landed some kicks. Collard strung together a combination, forcing a bad shot. Moments later, he landed a better takedown but couldn’t keep Collard down. The two started scrambling, but again Martinez finished in top position.

After three rounds, the judges awarded Alex Martinez the split-decision victory, as well as a spot in the playoffs.

Check out the highlights below:


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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