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‘Pissed off’ Mike Tyson (finally) breaks silence on airline ass whooping

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was quietly seated and minding his own business after boarding a flight from San Francisco to Miami back in April, right up until some jackass looking to become Instagram famous decided to press his luck.

For those readers who didn’t see the video (replay here), I can assure you it did not end well.

Fortunately for Tyson, San Mateo County District Attorney Steven Wagstaffe refused to press charges, probably because the 55 year-old pugilist was pushed far beyond the limit of what any passenger should be expected to endure, celebrity or otherwise.

“I’m usually good at these things,” Tyson recently told Jimmy Kimmel. “I guess it was just his number. I was wrong. That never should’ve happened. That’s me back at my primitive child stages. I shouldn’t have done that, but I was irritated, tired, high, pissed off, yeah. Shit happens.”

Tyson briefly ended his retirement for an exhibition bout opposite Roy Jones Jr., but the aging “Iron” man lost his desire to compete when promoters started using him for their own financial gain, much like they did during Tyson’s heyday back in the mid-to-late eighties.

Sorry, Bob.

In other stupid news, Tyson was caught cosplaying as the tap-dancing bee girl from the “No Rain” video by Blind Melon.

Pedro Chespirito would be proud.

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