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Cain Velasquez plea hearing delayed (again)

Cain Velasquez... Photo by Aric Crabb/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images

Cain Velasquez does not yet have a trial date.

In fact, the former UFC heavyweight champion has refrained from entering a plea for several charges, including attempted murder, after Judge Jose Franco granted a third continuance for discovery earlier today (June 10) in Santa Clara, California.

“As we discussed at side bar, we’re working through discovery issues and we need set with the court’s blessing for June 30,” said attorney Mark Geragos, who represents the embattled UFC veteran (via MMA Fighting). “If we can’t work out our discovery issues, I’ll follow the court’s procedures for the other courtroom, hopefully before that date, but this is the reserve date in this court.”

The former champ remains in custody after bail was denied (twice).

Velasquez, 39, was arrested and charged with multiple felonies after allegedly chasing down a suspected child molester and opening fire last Feb. in Morgan Hills, Calif., wounding the driver in the process (but not his intended victim).

His legal team is expected to enter a plea of “not guilty” on June 30.