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Midnight Mania! Top-ranked Marlon Vera renews calls for Dominick Cruz fight: ‘I’m above ya now!’

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UFC Fight Night: Font v Vera Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Since returning to action in 2021 following a two-fight losing streak, Dominick Cruz’s eyes have been set on the title. The former Bantamweight kingpin wants to regain his lost throne, and he’s worked his way back into the Top 10. He’s been consistent in his ideology: Cruz wants fighters ranked ahead of him so that he can climb the ladder and make progress towards the belt. At 37 years of age, it’s an understandable point of view.

Fighters like Marlon Vera who were ranked behind Cruz are likely less understanding. “Chito” has called out Cruz in the past, but he’s always been behind “The Dominator” in the rankings, and thus doesn’t meet Cruz’s criteria. After he turned No. 5-ranked Rob Font’s face into mush, however, there’s likely been a shift in power.

Vera was confident he would be ranked ahead of Cruz when the new rankings were released, so he’s circling back around and asking the former champion if he’d like to throw down.

Vera is now ranked No. 5 against No. 8 for Cruz (see the new rankings here).

“Before in the ten times he declined to fight me, I’m not calling him a p—sy, but he declined a couple of times in the past,” Marlon Vera said on The MMA Hour (via “He always talking about how he wants to fight someone above him. Guess what, I’m above you right now motherf—ker, so now we can go. Now we can go.”

Vera continued, “They tried to make it when I lost to Aldo, I was [ranked] 14 or 15 back then. He was like, it’s not worth it, it’s ranked too low, blah blah. Then, they tried to make it before the Edgar fight, I was [ranked] like 13 or 11. He said I was too low, he needed someone to push him to the belt. I think if you beat number five, you’ll be pushed to the belt homie.”

Vera also extended an invite to throw down on Twitter, reiterating the same message.

Cruz has yet to respond publicly, but given Vera’s current momentum, upsetting “Chito” would certainly help move Cruz closer to the title. Of course, there are other options for both men, but if the highly-ranked Vera wants this match up, why not?

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