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Reports of gunfire kicked off crowd stampede following Davis vs. Romero fight

Nearly one-dozen fans were injured after a sound disturbance led people to believe a mass shooting was taking place inside Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Gervonta Davis v Rolando Romero Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images

Chaos broke out following the Gervota Davis vs. Rolando Romero boxing event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., after a “sound disturbance” had fans fearing an active shooter was in the building.

Ten people were taken to hospital with minor injuries caused by crowd surges in the ensuing stampede as some fans rushed to leave the arena area and others tried to get back in from the concourse. Tweets from people inside the building at the time give a glimpse of the confusion as reports of gunfire and an unknown attacker spread.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka was at the fights that night and told a harrowing tale of being barricaded in a room after hearing about, “an active shooter.”

This wasn’t just a panic created by fans. Security inside the building and police were also initially under the impression that a shooting had taken place.

In the end, NYPD detective Adam Navarro told multiple press outlets that an undefined “sound disturbance” from outside the building was misconstrued as gunshots and there was no shooter or shootings in the area that night.

It’s unsurprising that fans inside the arena reacted so seriously after rumors of a gunman started spreading. Last week, the United States suffered another tragic school shooting that saw 19 children and two adults gunned down in Texas, just one of several terrible mass shootings over the past several weeks.

All we can be is thankful that this turned out to be a false alarm and no one was hurt seriously in the ensuing panic.

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