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UFC Vegas 55 live stream results, play-by-play updates | Holm vs. Vieira

UFC 246: Holm v Pennington Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 55 mixed martial arts (MMA) event TONIGHT (Sat., May 21, 2022) streaming LIVE on ESPN+. The promotion’s latest “Fight Night” card is topped by a 135-pound showdown featuring former champion and No. 2-ranked contender Holly Holm making her Octagon return opposite No. 5-ranked division up-and-comer Ketlen Vieira. Before that five-round bantamweight battle gets underway, veteran “Demolidor” Michel Pereira and “Argentine Dagger” Santiago Ponzinibbio collide in the UFC Vegas 55 co-main event. Chidi Njokuani, Eryk Anders, and Polyana Viana will also see ESPN+ main card action in “Sin City.”

LIVE! Stream UFC Vegas 79 On ESPN+

HIGH STAKES LIGHTWEIGHT MATCHUP! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to UFC APEX on Sat., Sept. 23, 2023, with a high stakes 155-pound showdown as No. 6-ranked contender, Rafael Fiziev, takes on No. 7-seeded Mateusz Gamrot. In UFC Vegas 79’s co-main event, No. 12-ranked Featherweight contender, Bryce Mitchell, steps back into the Octagon against No. 13-seeded Dan Ige.

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 55 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 4 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 55 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Holm vs. Vieira.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 55 real-time results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


135 lbs.: Holly Holm vs. Ketlen Vieira — Vieira def. Holm by split decision (47-48, 48-47 x2) — HIGHLIGHTS
170 lbs.: Michel Pereira vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio — Pereira def. Ponzinibbio by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)
185 lbs.: Chidi Njokuani vs. Dusko Todorovic — Njokuani def. Todorovic by KO (elbow) at 4:48 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
115 lbs.: Tabatha Ricci vs. Polyana Viana — Ricci def. Viana by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
185 lbs.: Eryk Anders vs. Jun Yong Park — Park def. Anders by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
185 lbs.: Alen Amedovski vs. Joseph Holmes — Holmes def. Amedovski by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:04 of Round One
265 lbs.: Jailton Almeida vs. Parker Porter — Almeida def. Porter by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:35 of Round 1 — HIGHLIGHTS
155 lbs.: Uros Medic vs. Omar Morales — Medic def. Morales by TKO (punches) at 3:05 of Round 2 — HIGHLIGHTS
135 lbs.: Jonathan Martinez vs. Vince Morales — Martinez def. Morales by Unanimous Decision
145 lbs.: Chase Hooper vs. Felipe Colares — Hooper def. Colares by TKO (punches) at 3:00 of Round 3
115 lbs.: Elise Reed vs. Sam Hughes — Hughes def. Reed by TKO (elbows) at 3:52 of Round 3


135 lbs.: Holly Holm vs. Ketlen Vieira

Round 1: Both land low kicks in the early going. Vieira falls short with a two-piece. She hauls Holm to the fence a minute in. Holm reverses with over-unders, denies a whizzer kick, eats a couple short punches. Knees to the thigh from Holm. Two minutes in. Holm keeping her pressed against the fence, landing short shots. Vieira unsuccessfully tries another whizzer kick. Lots of head pressure from Holm. Two minutes to go.

Holm continuing to stay heavy. Knees from Vieira. Holm changes levels, looks for a high crotch, nothing doing. One minute to go. Both women landing inside. Knees from Vieira. She tries the whizzer kick again, still nothing. 10-9 Holm.

Round 2: Low kick from Holm. Vieira tries a head kick. 1-2 falls short. 2-1 into the clinch, rebuffed. Low kick connects. Holm low kick a minute in. Again, backs away from return fire. Side kick to the leg, then the body. Vieira lead right. Holm punches into the clinch and falls victim to the whizzer kick, quickly scooting to the fence. Back to her feet two minutes in. They separate. Brazilian kick from Holm whiffs. She tries a double-leg, takes Vieira to the fence. Two minutes to go.

Holm tries to run the pipe and gets caught in a no-hooks RNC, but manages to tough it out and get back to the dirty boxing against the fence. One minute to go. Holm continuing to grind. Nice elbows. 10-9 Vieira?

Round 3: Low kick from Vieira. Holm tries an awkward blitz. Glancing head kick by Vieira, but Holm uses it to haul her to the fence. One minute in. Holm landing short clinch shots. They separate two minutes in. Low and side kicks from Holm. Vieira falls short with a blitz. Holm tries her own. Side kick. Brazilian kick blocked. Teep. Straight right from Vieira. Holm punches her way into the clinch again. Two minutes to go.

Short knees from Vieira as Holm continues to grind. Short lefts from Holm. One minute to go. They separate. Holm tries to tie up, can’t, lands a low kick. Bigger right hand from Vieira in return. 10-9 Holm.

Round 4: Side kick from Holm. Vieira combination, Holm low kick. Clubbing rights from Vieira to answer a blitz. One minute in. Holm front kick goes wide. Vieira tries a three-piece, lands a low kick. Hard counter rights by Vieira. Holm low kick, Vieira body shot. Vieira 2-3. Two minutes in. Side kicks from Holm. Body kick lands as they trade. Side kick knocks Vieira over and Holm tries to follow with a head kick. Holm two-piece, Vieira right cross. Holm wades into the clinch with two minutes to go.

Vieira separates quickly. Holm side kick. Teep lands for Holm. Clubbing left by Vieira with a minute to go. Holm teep and spinning back kick. Quick exchange. Long left in combination. Holm tries a late flurry. 10-9 Vieira.

Round 5: Early head kick attempt from Vieira, who follows with a spinning elbow and good punches inside when Holm tries to tie up. Overhand left by Holm. Brief clinch. Side kicks from Holm. One minute in. Holm clinches. Elbow on the break. Vieira counter right, Holm lead left into the clinch. Knee from Holm two minutes in. Vieira tries an elbow on the break. Holm lands a pair of teeps to the face in quick succession. Brazilian kick, low kick. They trade rights. Holm side kicks. Holm tries a single-leg with two minutes to go.

She hauls Vieira to the fence. Right hand on the exit. Teep and side kick. She hauls Vieira to the fence again with a minute to go. Two-piece from Holm on the exit. Vieira shoots, denied. Holm puts her on the fence again and looks for a takedown. 10-9 Holm.

Final result: Vieira def. Holm by split decision

170 lbs.: Michel Pereira vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

Round 1: Ponzinibbio pressuring early. Pereira takes a finger in the eye. 1-2 when they resume, body kick behind it. Low kick from Ponzinibbio. Hard right cross lands for Pereira a minute in. Low kick as he circles. Another. Ponzinibbio still trying to pressure. Pereira with a body knee into a brief rear waist lock two minutes in. Jab lands for him. Low kick from Ponzinibbio. 1-2 comes back at him. Snap kicks downstairs from Pereira. Both swing hard left hooks. Two minutes to go.

Ponzinibbio wings some bombs against the fence, all fall short. Pereira counter jab. Low-high 1-2 appears to ding Ponzinibbio, who pops right back up. One minute to go. Heavy low kick from Ponzinibbio, body kick behind it. Pereira digs a body shots in return. They trade on the fence, Pereira gets the better of it. Long right by Ponzinibbio. 10-9 Pereira.

Round 2: Long 1-2 and snap kick land for Pereira. More body work. Ponzinibbio low kick, Pereira 1-2. Again Pereira targets the body a minute in. Quick exchange inside. Big whiff on an overhand right. Knee just misses. Ponzinibbio jabs the body and they trade left hooks. Counter left by Pereira two minutes in, body and low kicks behind it. Ponzinibbio appears to land a jab and cross on the retreat. Body shots and left hook by Pereira in return. Good exchange, sharp left and leg kick by Ponzinibbio. Two minutes to go.

Heavy left hook lands for Ponzinibbio on the fence, then another that Pereira walks through. Ponzinibbio trying to get momentum, slips after eating a jab. One minute to go. Ponzinibbio low kick, heavy rights from Pereira in return. Low-high combo lands for Pereira, body kick behind it. Ponzinibbio lands a left hook, then a takedown. Right hands on the way up. Still think the early work of Pereira was enough. 10-9 Pereira.

Round 3: Pereira sending out volume, lands low kicks. Glancing head kick. Hard right cross and a knee behind it. Body shot and jab. Long 1-2. One minute in. Ponzinibbio misses on a left hook, eats a low kick and body jab. Looping hook from Ponzinibbio. He tries a head kick. Pereira leg kick and body shot. Jabs from Ponzinibbio, hard leg kick and jab two minutes in. Pereira whiffs on a long right, absorbs a low kick and jab. They trade in the center. Trading jabs. Ponzinibbio low kick, Pereira right hand. Two minutes to go.

Combo from Pereira, lead right from Ponzinibbio. Front kick lands for Pereira. Ponzinibbio body and low kicks, jabs through the guard. He shoots, denied, jab exchanges. Pereira to the body. Another hard body kick and left hook. 1-2 to answer a Ponzinibbio right cross. One minute to go. Low kick exchange. Hard tow-piece by Ponzinibbio. He shoots, denied. Stiff jabs by Pereira. Both throwing all they’ve got left. Trading in the center, favoring Ponzinibbio. Pereira tries to fight his way back in. 10-9 Pereira.

Final result: Pereira def. Ponzinibbio by split decision

185 lbs.: Chidi Njokuani vs. Dusko Todorovic

Round 1: Trading light kicks as Njokuani slowly advances. Todorovic ducks a 3-2 for a shot, gets sprawled on. Njokuano looks for an anaconda choke, transitions to a guillotine, loses it a minute in. Njokuani using the fence to try and stand. Unable to do so so far. Todorovic slips in a hook. Two minutes in. Njokuani gets to his feet. Back down, back up. Todorovic staying attached. Two minutes to go.

Njokuani turns to face him. Short rights from Todorovic. Controlling Njokuani against the fence. He changes levels with a minute to go. Njokuani sprawls and separates with a knee. Good body knees from Njokuani into the rear body lock. Another hard knee when Todorovic turns to face him, then a level elbow that immediately turns out the lights.

Final result: Njokuani def. Todorovic by KO (elbow)

115 lbs.: Tabatha Ricci vs. Polyana Viana

Round 1: Body kick from Viana to open. Ricci looks for a single-leg and Viana jumps on a guillotine. She tries to transition to a triangle, but Ricci disengages an dstands over her. Ricci kicking at her legs a minute in. Viana knocks her off-balance for a moment as she picks at Ricci’s legs. Ricci lets her up. Double jab lands for Ricci. Again. Two minutes in. Another guillotine threat from Viana two minutes in, landing knees. She tries to jump on it and Ricci slips out on the way down into guard. Viana throwing elbows off her back. Two minutes to go.

Ricci throwing some as well, Viana the more active. One minute to go. Viana tries to turn for something. Honestly. 10-9 Viana off her back; Ricci did nothing.

Round 2: Some long-range exchanges to start. Solid kicks from Viana. Brief clinch, neither lands on the break. One minute in. Ricci low kick after other shots fall short. Counter combo by Viana as Ricci steps in. Viana tries to jump in, clinch. Two minutes in. Viana tries a spinning back fist as Ricci fires a combination. Ricci low kick. Standing elbow by Viana, body jab from Ricci in return. Nice double-leg by Ricci. Two minutes to go.

Ricci stands over her, eats some leg kicks before coming back down into guard. Viana brings her guard high, nothing there. Ricci stands over her with a minute to go. Kicking at each other’s legs. Ricci lets her up, then hits another double-leg. 10-9 Ricci.

Round 3: Quick exchanges to start until Ricci hauls her to the fence. They separate. Ricci front kicks fall short. One minute in. Low kick and right cross land for Viana. Ricci shoots for a double-leg and avoids a guillotine to land on top. Ricci standing over her and kicking at her legs again. Ref stands them up. Viana counters a takedown into top position, but can’t establish and Ricci muscles through into guard with two minutes to go.

Ricci standing over her again. Kicking at each other’s legs with a minute to go. They end the fight doing that. 10-9 Ricci.

Final result: Ricci def. Viana by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Eryk Anders vs. Jun Yong Park

Round 1: Park opens with low kicks. Anders doubles up the lead left, then shoots in against the fence. Park throwing knees and threatening a guillotine. One minute in. Park keeping hold of the front headlock. A knee strays low and they resume at range. Two more good lead lefts from Anders and he shoots as Park tries to open up two minutes in. Park tries a foot sweep as they jockey for position. Anders keeping him against the fence. Good combo after getting a bit of space and he re-shoots. They separate with two minutes to go.

Jab from Park. Inside low kicks. Counter hooks land for him as Anders looks for another lead left. Body kick and right cross from Park. Anders forces him back with a combo and gets caught in that front headlock again with a minute to go. Anders gets him down, tries a head kick on the way up that draws a finger shake. Park advances and they trade in the waning seconds. 10-9 Anders.

Round 2: Early hooks land for Park. Anders responds with a double-leg, can’t keep him down. Heavy exchange in center cage a minute in. Brief lull, then Anders absorbs a right cross to change levels against the fence. Park denies and separates two minutes in. Heavy exchange on the fence. Anders swings a left, shoots, then drills Park with a low blow that really seems to hurt him. Ref warns the both of them to stop kicking each other in the junk or he’ll start taking points. Counter rights from Park. Anders wades in for another level change and again gets rebuffed. Two minutes to go.

Anders lead left, avoids a lengthy combo. Head kick attempt, feinted shot. Park tries a spinning elbow and gets clinched again. Anders re-shoots unsuccessfully and they separate. One minute to go. Anders lead left. He shoots again, eats an elbow, lands lefts before re-shooting. He finally gets Park down, tries to jump on his back, and falls over the top. Park grabs a front headlock and backs away from a granby roll. Close round. 10-9 Park?

Round 3: Park pushing forward, denying level changes. Body shots, elbow. Continuing to try and open up on the fence while Anders tries to keep him at bay. Anders changes levels, denied. Combinations on the retreat. Jab appears to sting Anders a minute in. Anders still looking to shoot, still getting peeled off. Another level change, denied again. Straight left and 1-2 from Anders. Another good left. 1-2, level change two minutes in. They separate. Combos from Park, good uppercut. Anders sends out a volley and changes levels again. Knee and left on the exit from Park. Two minutes to go.

Park still pressuring, Anders staying active as he retreats. Low kick exchange. Anders jabs, Park low kicks. Counter right by Park to answer a body kick. Anders 1-2. One minute to go. Good 1-2 by Park and he limp-legs out of a shot. Combo upstairs, straight right. Anders fakes a shot, goes to the body. Park combination, good uppercut. He denies a single-leg and blocks a head kick before trying a late flurry. 10-9 Park.

Final result: Park def. Anders by split decision

185 lbs.: Alen Amedovski vs. Joseph Holmes

Round 1: Low kick and jabs from Holmes. Body kick, low kicks, clean jab. Glancing hook by Amedovski, but he walks right into a jump knee that floors him. Holmes tries to finish him with punches, can’t do so, and settles for a no-hooks RNC.

Final result: Holmes def. Amedovski by submission (rear naked choke)

265 lbs.: Jailton Almeida vs. Parker Porter

Final result: Almeida def. Porter via first-round submission (rear naked choke)

155 lbs.: Uros Medic vs. Omar Morales

Final result: Medic def. Morales via second-round TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Jonathan Martinez vs. Vince Morales

Final result: Martinez def. Morales via Unanimous Decision

145 lbs.: Chase Hooper vs. Felipe Colares

Final result: Hooper def. Corales via third-round TKO (punches)

115 lbs.: Elise Reed vs. Sam Hughes

Final result: Hughes def. Reed via third-round TKO (elbows)

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