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Tony Ferguson responds to Gregor Gillespie’s ducking claims: ‘That dude is some kind of work man’

UFC 274: Chandler v Ferguson Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Tony Ferguson has been accused of ducking fellow lightweight contender Gregor Gillespie and “El Cucuy” isn’t happy about it.

Earlier this month Gillespie was removed from the UFC rankings and fans thought he had been released from the promotion. Gillespie quickly took to social media to explain that he’s still under UFC contract, but was removed from the rankings due to inactivity. After all, “Gift” has competed just once since his infamous head kick knockout loss to Kevin Lee at UFC 244 back in 2019.

Still, Gillespie remains one of the best lightweights on the UFC roster and a wrestler who could take his talents to the top of the division. Unfortunately, Gillespie can’t seem to get anyone ranked above him to agree to a fight and that’s where Ferguson comes in. According to Gillespie, UFC has offered him the fight multiple times only to have “El Cucuy” turn him down. Ferguson is one of the more game fighters in all of MMA so few people believed that was true.

Ferguson, who is coming off a vicious knockout defeat at the hands of a Michael Chandler front kick at UFC 274 (see it HERE), recently spoke about Gillespie during an appearance on The MMA Hour. According to “El Cucuy,” he was never offered a fight with Gillespie and didn’t even know who he was.

“I’d never heard about him… I was never offered a fight by the UFC with him. I never heard anything, my lawyers (and) my agents never heard anything,” said Ferguson. “I want to be real, that dude is some kind of work man. I sent him a message… the story is, he don’t change his knee pads, I guess, or something like that. He’s a stinky guy. I don’t wanna fight a stinky guy. Clean up your act and go fight some people. You can’t talk your way into the title, you’re not Conor (McGregor). Conor’s got value, he brings something to the table. He breaks records with the gate and everything. So do I.”

“If you’re just sitting there bitching all the time and not doing any work, or there for the company, you can’t expect to talk yourself into a title fight, I’m gonna be real… I recommend to him (Gillespie), get in there and fight some motherf—kers,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson can say what he wants but the veteran lightweight has lost his last four trips to the Octagon. It may not be in his best interest to come back and fight someone as hungry as Gillespie, but now may be the perfect time for that matchup.

What say you, fight fans? Do you want to see Ferguson vs. Gillespie?

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