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Pic: UFC license plates are now a thing in Nevada

“A source of pride for our statewide fanbase.”

Wanna promote UFC and not get paid for it?

Put away those expensive “Fight Kits” and instead sign yourself up for a specialty license plate in Nevada for just $61, with $25 of that contribution going to the UFC Foundation, a community-based charity designed to help local causes.

“UFC is a global brand, but we’re proud that Nevada is our home,” said UFC Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Epstein. “For more than two decades, UFC has been actively involved in supporting charitable organizations, both on the ground here in the Las Vegas Valley and across the entire state of Nevada.”

The good news? A UFC license plate is $2,939 cheaper than a Kiss Kasket.

“We’re thrilled to launch our UFC specialty license plate program, which we believe will become a source of pride for our statewide fanbase,” Epstein continued. “A portion of their registration and renewal fees will go towards supporting local charities throughout the state of Nevada.”

And yes, the HW on the UFC license plate stands for “heavyweight.”

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