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MMA community reacts to Nate Diaz peeing on UFC building: ‘A real man would’ve s—t there’

UFC Fight Night: Soriano v Maximov Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Nate Diaz is so frustrated with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) that he’s beginning to urinate all over the company building.

As Diaz tries to navigate the scheduling of his final fight of his current UFC contract the bad blood between the superstar fighter and the promotion continues to escalate. The promotion seems reluctant to grant Diaz any old fight he wants and Diaz has had enough with UFC’s negotiations and inability to actually get him a fight. It’s not like Diaz is short on potential opponents. Someone seems to call him out every week.

Still, Diaz felt compelled to let the company know what he thought of them earlier this week when visiting the UFC headquarters in Las Vegas. Diaz posted a photo on social media showing himself pissing outside the building with a caption that read, “I could do this cause I get paid more than all u guys and they won’t cut me.”

At this point Diaz would welcome a departure from UFC so he’d be free from his contract and can fight anywhere he wants. But until that happens he will be held hostage in negotiations and will have to play ball with the promotion for his final fight to come to fruition.

After learning of Diaz’s pissing fiasco outside of the UFC offices the mixed martial arts (MMA) community came out in waves to voice its reaction. Some are pretty funny, especially the comment made by UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier.

Check out some of the reaction below:

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